Friday, February 5, 2010

nothin better

there is NOTHING on this earth better than -

1. a perfectly warm cup of tea that tastes just right

2. good hair days

3. feeling great, both physically and mentally

4. marathon soap operas (heeellooooo lucas scott!)

5. lazy days filled with reading good magazines, cleaning up your dorm room, and getting some work done.

6. looking effortlessly amazing in your favorite pair of jeans

7. your boy wrapping his arms around you and keeping you the coziest you've been in days

8. forehead kisses

9. hoping the vending machine has exactly what you've been craving and, surprise, it does!

10. acing the project you work your ass off on for days

11. acing the project you completely bullshitted

12. feeling clean and refreshed after a long, hot shower

sorry about my crazy lists. it's all i'm making lately.


NC17 said...

I live my life by Number 11

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