Wednesday, July 28, 2010


this shirt has been in my closet way too long [and due to gaining a few pounds the last couple of months, it's a little snug, especially in the arms] so being in a creative mood, i decided to cut the sleeves off and turn it into a sleeveless blouse.


after - voila!
final fitting.. me like!
paired with high-waisted shorts, a braided brown belt, and gray keds for my OOTD

birthday gift from my boyfriend! i adore it

and my OOTD inspiration:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

happy birthday to me!

i just gave my mother a huge wedgie. happy birthday to me!

Monday, July 26, 2010

girl's got good genes

not only does kendall kardashian seem like one of the only SANE people on their reality tv show, but the girl's got talent for looking fierce. she recently had a photo shoot for god only knows what... the girl is simply gorgeous. hard to imagine she's only 14 when she's probably got guys wankin it to these pictures. it's safe to say she'll have a brilliant future. lucky bitch.

people are stupid

no wonder this entire country is going to shit. this is on the east coast and DAMN IT, it makes us look like a bunch of whiny assholes!

"HARTFORD, Conn. — Federal consumer safety officials are investigating a complaint that a 4-year-old Connecticut boy nearly strangled himself with a toy from a McDonald's Happy Meal."

LMAO are you joking you fat fuck? first of all, it's your own kids fault if he decides to wear a bracelet as a necklace around his thick, chubby neck. teach your kid not to be such a moron before complaining to mcdonald's. in no way shape or form am i standing up for a fast food place, but this is so ridiculous. if my kid decided to wear something obviously too small around their neck, i'd call him a fucking retard and the kid would quickly learn not to do that after learning it doesn't allow them to breath. but obviously that's too hard for this connecticut parental unit to do. why don't you just let your kid to play in traffic then sue the makers of ford because they hit your kid. THAT MAKES SENSE.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blogger, please make an iPhone app! That would be ah-mazing.

On an awkward note, I'm in my brother's room with him and the boy and I'm laying down on my stomach. I have a romper on and it apparently rode up because my brother walks back in the room and goes, "Aimee, pull your pants down," and nearly threw up. I'm about to. Bahahaha fml!

Now, back to eating Little Debbie... No homo ;}

people like anonymity

hate me? love me? want to tell me something you don't have the balls to write on my blog?
feel free.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

try these on for size

Andreia Chaves is one crazy motherfucker. she created a new design called "invisible shoe" which is basically differently cut mirrors covering a wedge style shoe. love love LOVE them! do they look comfortable? no. fashionable? hell fucking yes. i'd buy them simply for that reason. the second and third designs are eh, creative for sure but nothing special. and the last pair - don't even get me started. if some bitch was wearing those and walked past me and gave me rugburn VELCROburn, i'd slap her. not to mention how much other shit that must get caught on...

enjoy her eye candy

Friday, July 23, 2010

lunch date

i went on a lunch date with one of my best friends to the CUTEST little home that's been made into a restaurant/gift shop with a bunch of rooms in it, and the entire backyard is an awesomely overgrown garden. here are some pictures from the darling little place.

relax sign

mugs! i have quite the obsession with mugs

more mugs!

pretty cup cake liners

haha hmm what's that look like? dust cleaners...

i want this mirror

i liked this quote


christmas room! wall of ornaments

so pretty

i loved this

japanese beetle on a flower

more of the garden

darling little heart

picket fence

i like shiny balls..


another tree

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i had to delete my old name [which was rubbish anyways] because some people just suck incredible amounts of dick. so here you go!

stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my life lately

i don't wanna clean
i don't wanna sleep
i don't wanna eat
i don't wanna make my bed
i don't wanna drive
i won't wanna work
i don't wanna shower
i don't wanna shop
i don't wanna blog

how irritating.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


i was recently measured at victoria's secret and guess what? i'm a D.
what the tits?


sorry i've not been in the mood to blog lately. i am a little busy trying not to PASS OUT from this awful heat we've been suffering from lately. it's bloody awful, i'll tell you that. fucking 97 degrees ["feels like 102"] and SO muggy, it's disgusting. i don't want to be outside in the sun at the beach so instead i've been running through the sprinkler in my backyard haha. i don't plan on moving out of my air conditioned room until i absolutely have to.