Monday, July 26, 2010

people are stupid

no wonder this entire country is going to shit. this is on the east coast and DAMN IT, it makes us look like a bunch of whiny assholes!

"HARTFORD, Conn. — Federal consumer safety officials are investigating a complaint that a 4-year-old Connecticut boy nearly strangled himself with a toy from a McDonald's Happy Meal."

LMAO are you joking you fat fuck? first of all, it's your own kids fault if he decides to wear a bracelet as a necklace around his thick, chubby neck. teach your kid not to be such a moron before complaining to mcdonald's. in no way shape or form am i standing up for a fast food place, but this is so ridiculous. if my kid decided to wear something obviously too small around their neck, i'd call him a fucking retard and the kid would quickly learn not to do that after learning it doesn't allow them to breath. but obviously that's too hard for this connecticut parental unit to do. why don't you just let your kid to play in traffic then sue the makers of ford because they hit your kid. THAT MAKES SENSE.


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