Friday, January 28, 2011


Wearing... American Eagle skinny jeans, Forever 21 sweatshirt

Eating... Chef Boyardee ravioli. Don't judge - it's a good source of protein!

Drinking... French vanilla coffee, my favorite!

Listening to... Datsik - Nuke 'Em

Loving... The natural light I've got in my dorm room. We have a huge window and, throughout the day, no lights are necessary to brighten up the room! Love.

Hating... Early classes. They're such a buzz kill! Can't stay up late the night before, and god knows I am not a morning person in the least. Coffee helps me get along, but I often find myself daydreaming (or actually dreaming because it's not that hard to doze off) about being back in my cozy bed, shutting my eyes...

Craving... EVERYTHING from Nasty Gal. I can't stop browsing and drooling and wishing. Still no update on the progress of the money tree...

A few to follow... Katie, Simone and Sjanna, K, and Hannah.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

College Life & Mini Haul

My outfits lately have consisted of an oversized tshirt, jeans or sweatpants, and uggs. Blasphemy! I know. That's why I've been saving you all from viewing the horribleness that I've succumbed to, but here I am (I really felt the need to update you all).

I'm happy to be back to the daily grind of actually doing something productive. I'll let the whole homework thing slide for now, but I thoroughly enjoy going to class, going to lunch, heading back to class, and seeing all my friends. Being back at school is just freaking amazing. I absolutely love college life.

I've been wearing these way too much. Barefoot is certainly not an option in dorms.

I've been drinking this too much. So necessary.

I've been loathing this too much. Every single day has been a trudge through the snow.

And now for the haul - I've finally spent the majority of my Sephora gift card that I received for Christmas (thanks, cousin)!

Inside the bag: Sephora mini eye shadow palette
 Benefit Boiing concealer... LOVE. Covers everything.

Sephora brand nail polishes in Myrtille, Yellow Umbrella, and Vintage sweater. It was difficult to get the actual color shown the correct way, but I tried my best.
Other purchases: 
Epielle Cucumber face wipes... The best ones I've come across by far. They don't leave your face sticky which is something I seriously hate right before going to bed. Um, hello, I'm trying to clean my face, not make it worse!

From Bath and Body Works: Clean Cotton anti-bacterial hand gel for my dorm room, because everything here is icky. And Aromatherapy stress relieving shower gel. It smells so good! I love using this when I shower before bed because it makes me calm and happy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Blues

Can I just say how terribly hard it is to dress all cute and prim when it's negative degrees (fahrenheit) outside!? Nevermind me wearing my scuffed old Uggs, but I can feel my little nose hairs curling up into my nose, trying to hide from the frigid cold. Looking decent is the last thing on my mind. Through some divine miracle, some people actually look fabulous when braving the cold. Here are the celebs, showing us once more how it should be done. Thank god for all of the stylish fashionistas out there never ceasing to give us some inspiration on these dreary winter days.

Rachel Bilson wearing an adorable navy cape and a long sleeved striped shirt, accompanied by some overturned fur boots and a big Chloé Aurore bag. I wish I could wear a cape without looking like Little Red Riding Hood or Batgirl.

Claudia Schiffer channeling the 70's trend with big glasses, silk scarves, and florals.

Blake Lively looks cozy and chic in her plaid jacket and knee-high boots. She looks like she's being blasted by the cold wind, but nothing is going to stop this chic from looking fabulous 24/7.

Emma Watson bundled up in a gorgeous snood scarf wrapped around her neck with a camel colored jacket and scrunched black boots. Now this is a winter outfit I can get on board with.

By the way, have you checked out Decades Past? You should check out Decades Past! A fab online store  loaded with amazing vintage selections created by Christina of Profesh Style and her best friend Alexia.
Ch-ch-check it out.

*All photos courtesy of Nylon

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I La-la-like My Beats Fast and My Bass Down Low

Jeans: Forever21; top: Worthington for JCPenney; belt: Marshall's; ring: Calico; nails: Sally Hansen "Lively Lilac."

I have an issue with looking directly into the camera lens. I'm trying to be artistic, damn it! Anyway, I decided to tease my unwashed hair today. You probably can't tell because I'm so frightened of change! I also tried to do a bit of a winged eyeliner with my cream liner, but again, you probably can't tell. I'm so scared to try anything new. I'm just trying to pass the time...

Passing the time doing pointless things is bloody awful.

I've spent time doing makeup, removing it, and doing it again.

I've spent time trying to rap as quickly as Nicki Minaj.

I've spent time drinking coffee and staring at my phone, hoping that if I look at it long enough, it will ring.

I am awaiting the phone call that is basically going to decide what I will be doing from now until May... Will I be in school? Will I not be in school? They're waiting til the last minute to tell me, as the semester starts tomorrow and if I'm going to be moving in, it will be tonight. Talk about stress! I was used to the idea of being back in school; learning again, living in a dorm with all my friends, having a set schedule. Then when I learned that I may not be going back because of a lack of open housing, I got used to the idea of staying here, at home, picking up a second job and applying again next fall. Now, I don't even know what I want the outcome of the phone call to be. Cross your fingers that I end up liking whichever outcome!

PS I need this ring in my life so badly!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dress Me

The dress selection at ASOS isn't even fair. NOW would be a really vital time for that good ol' money tree to spruce up in the backyard! Yup... pretty sure that I need all of these dresses hanging up in my closet asap.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm Different, I Can't Base What I'm Gonna Be Off of What Everybody Isn't

 Tank: Forever21; leggings: Marshall's; denim shirt: mum's; braided bracelet: H&M.

01. Keeping up on my readings... magazines, that is. It's a beautiful sunny day, but I am holding myself hostage in my bedroom. It may look pretty outside, but the truth of the matter is that it is somewhere around 19F degrees. I'd much rather spend my day under my comforter drinking warm coffee (read: third cup of it) than freezing my butt off outside! I am not moving until I go see the boy tonight. I'll deal with the cold just for him ;)

02. Decided to go without makeup or styled hair for these photos. Fresh out of the shower! It may not look the greatest, but it's good to give your hair and face a break sometimes. Idea inspired by Christina.

03. No one is home and I can't stop listening to amazing jams! Bass pumping, dance inducing... I'm dancing crazy all around my empty house. Love it! Some of my favorites: Usher ft Nicki Minaj - Lil Freak; Trey Songz ft Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up; DEV ft the Cataracs - Bass Down Low.

04. I am proud to introduce you to my newest blog feature: Happiness 101! In case you missed it, check it out now! It's in the menu at the top of my blog. I've seen too much depressed posts and tweets that I figured I should give all of my viewers a piece of happiness. If you're feeling down, try out some of the tips. I stand by them all myself, and I can tell you that they're your sure fire way to cheering up.

05. A few lovelies to follow: Elle, Heather, Blake, and Meg.

PS: Hi, girls. Yes, you know who I'm talking about! It's really quite sweet that you're giving my blog views. Being that your IQs are all immensely high, I'm sure you're all aware that I can see stats about my blog and know what URLs click over to it. I quite honestly wish you all the best, and that you find something to fill your time rather than leaving less than appreciated comments on my blog. Until that happens (no pressure, it could take years!), I will continue to delete your rude comments. Nice try, but good ridance, loves.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Obsessed, Much?

Ohhh, Forever 21, why must you carry such adorable (and affordable!) clothes?! You're sucking my bank account dry, but I really don't mind that much. While at work this morning, I sauntered over to my iPhone to cure my boredom. I have a group of apps labeled "shopping," obviously, so that was my first stop. Do I have money to be even looking at anything? No. Did that stop me? No.

New arrivals, anybody? Forever 21 has a great selection featuring some of Springs upcoming trends: florals (a trend that pops up yearly around this time), stripes, chiffon, oversized tees, and high-waisted everything. And if you know me, you know that anything oversized and striped is right up my alley!

Final verdict?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

If You Have to Cry, Go Outside

Wonderful advice from the fab Kelly Cutrone from her book "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside."

Have you read her book? I have, and two words: loved it.
What were your thoughts?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fly Away, Fly Away to What You Want to Make

Jacket: Marshall's; shirt: Forever21; jeans: Forever21; bangles: Forever21 
01. The lighting in my house totally sucks! I was forced to prance around the house and find a decent spot, resulting in different backgrounds of my pictures. Sorry! Anyway, today is a super lazy day. No work, so I'm out and about shoveling (and when I say shoveling, I mean prancing around in my Coach boots and eating snow while everybody else shovels), playing video games, and sipping hot cocoa.

02. Everybody is snowed in and that means I haven't stopped online shopping. Well, browsing, wishing that I had a money tree in my backyard that I could totally go rape. Urban Outfitters, Calico, Zara, YESSTYLE, it seriously doesn't end! Totally unfair. Which brings me to my next point... I am never buying anything from the Jessica Simpson Collection online ever again! I bought two pairs of the Dany, which is basically Jeffrey Campbell shoes, just cheaper. I was excited for them because not only were they on sale, but they're freaking cute! Well, I took them out of the box and they are stupid high! They gave me a good 5 inches added to my height. I felt like a hooker; a high-class hooker, but a hooker nonetheless. So I'm returning both pairs, but returning items to that site is just complete madness! They like to make it difficult. Blahhh.

03. School update: Oh gosh, I am so stressed! I've been on the waiting list ever since I applied about a month (or two?) ago and I've still heard absolutely nothing from the housing offices. I called and they basically told me that every room has been assigned and I'm out of housing. There's no way that I can afford an apartment, and commuting would be obscene because I live a good hour and a half away from campus. Deadlines have already passed for applying to local schools, so I'm pretty much screwed on the whole school front for next semester. Who knows, maybe the housing office will call me before school starts and something opened up? Or maybe I'll grab a second job and live at home until next fall and have an actual chance at being at school. WHO KNOWS. It's a huge mess.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sephora Help!

Alright, ladies, I need help spending money! I got a Sephora giftcard over Christmas for $50 and quite honestly, I've no idea what to buy with it! I was thinking the Naked palette, but I'm not sure...

So, please tell me: What are your favorite products from Sephora?

Monday, January 10, 2011

H Stands For Hooligan

What I've been up to lately...

Enjoying my bff from Cali visiting...

And obsessing over her tattoo... (I hate feet but hers are cute so it's okay!)

Eating terrible things...

Bowling in sexy shoes...

Loling at our gender confused snowman...

Searching for the perfect pair of boots... (pictured are Steve Madden, and no I didn't buy them because I wasn't in love!)

By the way, thank you Carly for showing me some love and awarding me the "Trendy Blog" award. You are such a sweetie!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Come on, now, I'm not talking about people, you pervs! I'm talking about bags! This spring, I plan on being all about the nude colored clothing and accessories.

A few possible options:

What trend are you excited for this spring?

*Images courtesy of Shop Style