Thursday, January 27, 2011

College Life & Mini Haul

My outfits lately have consisted of an oversized tshirt, jeans or sweatpants, and uggs. Blasphemy! I know. That's why I've been saving you all from viewing the horribleness that I've succumbed to, but here I am (I really felt the need to update you all).

I'm happy to be back to the daily grind of actually doing something productive. I'll let the whole homework thing slide for now, but I thoroughly enjoy going to class, going to lunch, heading back to class, and seeing all my friends. Being back at school is just freaking amazing. I absolutely love college life.

I've been wearing these way too much. Barefoot is certainly not an option in dorms.

I've been drinking this too much. So necessary.

I've been loathing this too much. Every single day has been a trudge through the snow.

And now for the haul - I've finally spent the majority of my Sephora gift card that I received for Christmas (thanks, cousin)!

Inside the bag: Sephora mini eye shadow palette
 Benefit Boiing concealer... LOVE. Covers everything.

Sephora brand nail polishes in Myrtille, Yellow Umbrella, and Vintage sweater. It was difficult to get the actual color shown the correct way, but I tried my best.
Other purchases: 
Epielle Cucumber face wipes... The best ones I've come across by far. They don't leave your face sticky which is something I seriously hate right before going to bed. Um, hello, I'm trying to clean my face, not make it worse!

From Bath and Body Works: Clean Cotton anti-bacterial hand gel for my dorm room, because everything here is icky. And Aromatherapy stress relieving shower gel. It smells so good! I love using this when I shower before bed because it makes me calm and happy.


Laura xo said...

Sea Island Cotton is my FAVE. Smells so nice :) How cute are those slippers?! Haha. Lovely post hun, glad to hear you've been doing well lately! xo

THE CHEAP said...

Love it! I actually have those slippers too and they make me happy on a daily basis. lol


THE CHEAP said...

Omg. I just read your comments and you have to be the cutest thing alive. I'm following you back girl!


Aimee said...

Laura, isn't it so yummy? The smell reminds me of my mum cause she uses that lotion. Hope all is well with you too, love!

TC, haha I like you already! Thank you!

Mara, it is fun! I love trying out new things, even though that eye shadow palette scares me a bit. Thank you, darling.

Melissa said...

your slippers look super cosy! awesome blog, im following! :D

char. said...

im in love with your slippers and what some amaazing things you've added to your cosmetic box or thingy bobby

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