Friday, January 28, 2011


Wearing... American Eagle skinny jeans, Forever 21 sweatshirt

Eating... Chef Boyardee ravioli. Don't judge - it's a good source of protein!

Drinking... French vanilla coffee, my favorite!

Listening to... Datsik - Nuke 'Em

Loving... The natural light I've got in my dorm room. We have a huge window and, throughout the day, no lights are necessary to brighten up the room! Love.

Hating... Early classes. They're such a buzz kill! Can't stay up late the night before, and god knows I am not a morning person in the least. Coffee helps me get along, but I often find myself daydreaming (or actually dreaming because it's not that hard to doze off) about being back in my cozy bed, shutting my eyes...

Craving... EVERYTHING from Nasty Gal. I can't stop browsing and drooling and wishing. Still no update on the progress of the money tree...

A few to follow... Katie, Simone and Sjanna, K, and Hannah.


Carly said...

Love this post - I'm glad college is going well!


looking very cuteee.
im loving your lighting too. looks super bright + lovely xx


That grey shirt looks great!


Ashley said...

Yes @ Nasty Gal! I placed an order with them a few weeks ago. It came a while ago, but uh I still haven't opened the package. Thanks for the reminder! I wish everything was a little less expensive, though. I'm not doing too well with the monies right now. Ugh.

Your room AND you look adorable! And I understand about early morning classes. At least you live in a dorm and I'm assuming don't have to walk that far to class? I live 30+ minute away from 8 a.m. classes killed me! So glad they're over!

Have a fab weekend!!

Hannah said...

I hated morning classes, they were so lame and we were always getting into trouble when we didn't turn up!! It's nice you have such a big window too, little ones suck cos it's so nice to look out and watch the world pass by =)

Hannah xx

mariska said...

ur top looks so comfy..


Raya said...

love your top:)))

Sara Louise said...

ah love nasty girl also .
You have such a sweet smile !

Aimee said...

Carly, eee thank you! Me too :)

Lucy, don't make me blush! I love the lighting as well - it's perfect!

Simone, thanks! It's so comfy.

Ashley, how could you wait that long?! When I get packages I rip them open as soon as I can. And yes, I live on campus so all buildings are less than a 10 minute walk. Thank god!

Hannah, I hear ya. It's such a bummer to get up so early, never mind function well enough to attend class. I love my huge window :)

Mariska, thank you! It is.

Raya, thank you, darling!

Sara, aww thanks! :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn. p.s enter my vintage double camera giveaway?

Jane said...

you have such a pretty smile
& i love vanilla coffee!

Sarah Whitney said...

Oh man, I hear ya about Nasty Gal. I want um... EVERYTHING on that website hahah!

Chelsea Lane said...

MMM coffee, I still haven't had any since my detox. I have a sweatshirt just like that from american apparel! so comfy. and I love your nastygal finds!! those darn money trees never show up :P


Moniek said...

You look so cute!

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