Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chanel done cheap

anybody who is anybody in the fashion world dons or wishes they had a Chanel chain-strap bag. the luxury of this bag is so chic and it's made to match anything - and take it a step above. oh, Chanel, how I love you. the smaller purses are designed for only the essentials - iPhone, lipstick, credit card. done.

NOW, for the babies like myself that cannot afford chanel, here are some that are intended to give the same feel for an affordable price. I also threw some in that are for more casual looks, but you get the idea. all courtesy of XXI. I know, I know - nothing comes close nor can anything beat Chanel but Chanel itself, but that certainly doesn't stop other designers from trying.



in preparation for a fabulous anniversary party that I'll be attending in mid-October, I've been on the lookout for the perfect shoes! which has led me to browse and online shop for every kind of shoe I need to add to my mediocre collection. here's some of my favorites from Forever21:

Vintage Oxford Flats, $24.80

Buckled Ankle Boot, $26.80

so what about you girls - what type of shoe is on your current lust list?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to: Become a fashion magazine intern

borrowed from the fantastic Style Sample Magazine, which is actually a guest post by Michelle of Daisybutter. go take a look at both sites if you haven't already! Michelle is great and her blog obviously follows suit. now, read the article!

With the lines between fashion and journalism becoming increasingly blurred in one of the fastest growing industries today, fashion internships have become the ‘job a million girls would kill for’. An internship is one of the only ways to get noticed at the moment–crucial to getting your foot in the door of the fashion world. Finding an internship can be a scary and daunting experience, and so many people are simply terrified of being in a Devil Wears Prada-esque situation.

My first interning experience was with more! magazine, a fast-growing, young women’s fashion weekly, and it was just as rewarding, hectic and exhausting as I had expected, if not more. There aren’t words to describe the whole experience as it really is something you have to try first-hand, but I learnt quickly about being independent, fast-thinking, organised and innovative in the industry.

Embrace every task with enthusiasm, even post collections and return duty; some interns that I worked with would outspokenly refuse to do these! Not cool. Although nothing is as glamorous as they make it look in movies, no two days are the same, and it is definitely not a typical 9-to-5 job. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Finding an Internship

Perfect your resume/CV.

Sending your CV online can be tricky. Convert it to PDF format so it can be easily read–many editors won’t bother struggling to open a CV when others are readily available. Put a sharp profile statement at the top under your personal details to catch the employer’s attention.

Prepare for initial disappointment.

Not every magazine or company you apply to will take you on. Many companies are booked up about six months in advance.

Be determined.

Think of ways that you stand out from all the hundreds of other people looking for the same thing as you. Write specific cover letters to each publication, perhaps congratulating them on features in recent issues.

Think outside the box.

So what if your dream career is to be Anna Wintour’s assistant? Think outside the box and apply to smaller publications, or even your local newspaper! Newspapers are an excellent way to gain experience, and you are much more likely to be taken out on a ‘job’ – perfect for your CV!

Address it to the right person.

Nothing puts off a potential employer like having emails addressed or spelled incorrectly. Take the time to check the magazine’s masthead (the page with all the names on!) and look for the appropriate recipient; if none is readily available, address your communication to the Managing Editor.
If you’re in the market for a fashion magazine internship, make sure you check out the following resources:

"you're afraid of color"

so here is a bit of a rant mixed with a few reviews! the title of this post pertains to the reviews part.

first off - MY COMPUTER. I am so over its bullshit! it refuses to keep my programs running so it decides to freeze them, therefor I am forced to force shut it down. so it'll boot back up, and do the same. exact. thing. PUH-LEASE. I am going to flip my shit if I have to deal with this for much longer!

secondly - my poor poor nails. you remember my latest NOTD post, yes? well, come to find out, taking green nail varnish OFF of your nails is quite impossible. now I've shamefully decided I won't use this polish again unless I'm really in the mood for a bright green, because after trying to not only rub off the varnish with alcohol but SCRAPE it off with a metal cuticle pusher, I am left with these sad looking nails, to which you can't even see the extent of the damage and dyed color!:

okay, well I guess I should just get down to business, which continues to be a bit of a downer. as you read in my last tiny haul, I purchased some e.l.f. products to give it a go. well, I gave it a try...

e.l.f. palette with chosen colors

alright, girls. here is my take on it:
first off, you should know I am NO mastermind when it comes to applying eyeshadows. that's why I'm starting to play around with them and practice.
- this eyeshadow was very hard to apply. as soon as your brush hit the powder, it like instantly crumbles (as seen in photo). I don't completely mind that, but I do like something with a more solid foundation.
- the colors are actually really pretty, and though I had a limited selection when browsing the brand, I do really like the colors I chose. they compliment my eye color fairly well, at least I think! like I said, I'm no mastermind here.
- the colors applied pretty evenly, though very lightly. then again, as my title post is named very correctly, I am scared of color. my art teacher told me that. I'd always be painting and be afraid of making a shadow to dark and such. therefore, I think I'm a little (okay, WAY) timid when it comes to playing up colors on my face, nevermind paper.
- final say: I rank it a 5/10. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it.

e.l.f. liquid eyeshadow in misty mauve

my take on this one:
- I so much more prefer liquid/cream eyeshadow to powder! oh, thank heavens, something I can work with!
- the color is so pretty, and I definitely love the way it looks on my fair skin. it has enough shine to look nice but not so much that I look like a 6 year old playing with my mother's make up.
- it went on very evenly and cleanly. you can spread it out as much as you want, though because it is "liquid," it dries quickly and is a bit harder to blend. but that's okay - you can just add more where you need to.
- let me tell you: this stuff is ON there, man! it won't budge, which is great for me because I don't ever have much time to run to the rest room to check my makeup. I can imagine it won't all end up in my eyelid crease, either, because it has stayed put thus far.
- final rating: 8/10... I definitely recommend you to try this if you're looking for something new.

PS if you ignored my horribly untamed and quite scary looking eyebrows, I love you!

eye candy

thank you cosmopolitan magazine for featuring some of the best male eye candy out there! look at those yummy biceps...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

new blog name/url!

please take note. sorry for the change but I am finally happy with my blog name so yay!

short beauty haul

I'm seeing elves everywhere! but not really, though. I am constantly seeing reviews and hauls about the brand e.l.f. and all of their beauty products. while it's not a very popular brand (from where I stand in the USA), I did find a small selection in a local drugstore. I browsed for a bit and read descriptions and decided to purchase some to see what all the fuss is about. one purchase was a custom compact and you can buy each separate pan to place in the compact, which i thought was pretty neat. and I love that these products are $1! that being said, I'm not going in with high hopes, quality wise. we shall see.

*I will review each individual product at the next chance I get, possibly later tonight. I also bought some polishes and lip stain! do any of you have the following? tell me your thought and input!

quick swipe to show colors

lusting zara

no, i am not a lesbian, and no this is not some slutty girl next door i want. i'm talking ZARA! it's crazy, i've never really looked at the site before. they have such fashionable things for prices way lower than high-top designers in the fashion industry. so here are my current wants needs from the line!