Sunday, September 19, 2010

fresh as a mint

ladies and gentlemen, i have been minted! i found a new polish that i absolutely love! revlon's "minted" nail varnish. who says you can't wear pastels in the fall?

outtake (i can never get my right hand to look good because i am right handed, not left!... this is what i get before fixing all the messiness hehe):

so, here's my take on it: it's a total pain to apply because it's such a light color, but as with all polishes, it looks a million times better after a second coat. that second coat is time consuming, i know, but it's totally worth it because the color is just lovely. i love this cool color for the crisp autumn season!


noura. said...

such a gorgeous colour

Lady Lipstick said...

Ok I just took this color off of my toenails! Now I miss it!
I really do love this color though!


Candice Van Haltren said...

I usually dont like green colours on hands, but this is a nice pastel.

Thanks for the comment as well, I hope I pass :)

Madeleine said...

I love the mint colour. !!

¶ Michelle said...

I adore this color - SUPERB!

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