Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"you're afraid of color"

so here is a bit of a rant mixed with a few reviews! the title of this post pertains to the reviews part.

first off - MY COMPUTER. I am so over its bullshit! it refuses to keep my programs running so it decides to freeze them, therefor I am forced to force shut it down. so it'll boot back up, and do the same. exact. thing. PUH-LEASE. I am going to flip my shit if I have to deal with this for much longer!

secondly - my poor poor nails. you remember my latest NOTD post, yes? well, come to find out, taking green nail varnish OFF of your nails is quite impossible. now I've shamefully decided I won't use this polish again unless I'm really in the mood for a bright green, because after trying to not only rub off the varnish with alcohol but SCRAPE it off with a metal cuticle pusher, I am left with these sad looking nails, to which you can't even see the extent of the damage and dyed color!:

okay, well I guess I should just get down to business, which continues to be a bit of a downer. as you read in my last tiny haul, I purchased some e.l.f. products to give it a go. well, I gave it a try...

e.l.f. palette with chosen colors

alright, girls. here is my take on it:
first off, you should know I am NO mastermind when it comes to applying eyeshadows. that's why I'm starting to play around with them and practice.
- this eyeshadow was very hard to apply. as soon as your brush hit the powder, it like instantly crumbles (as seen in photo). I don't completely mind that, but I do like something with a more solid foundation.
- the colors are actually really pretty, and though I had a limited selection when browsing the brand, I do really like the colors I chose. they compliment my eye color fairly well, at least I think! like I said, I'm no mastermind here.
- the colors applied pretty evenly, though very lightly. then again, as my title post is named very correctly, I am scared of color. my art teacher told me that. I'd always be painting and be afraid of making a shadow to dark and such. therefore, I think I'm a little (okay, WAY) timid when it comes to playing up colors on my face, nevermind paper.
- final say: I rank it a 5/10. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it.

e.l.f. liquid eyeshadow in misty mauve

my take on this one:
- I so much more prefer liquid/cream eyeshadow to powder! oh, thank heavens, something I can work with!
- the color is so pretty, and I definitely love the way it looks on my fair skin. it has enough shine to look nice but not so much that I look like a 6 year old playing with my mother's make up.
- it went on very evenly and cleanly. you can spread it out as much as you want, though because it is "liquid," it dries quickly and is a bit harder to blend. but that's okay - you can just add more where you need to.
- let me tell you: this stuff is ON there, man! it won't budge, which is great for me because I don't ever have much time to run to the rest room to check my makeup. I can imagine it won't all end up in my eyelid crease, either, because it has stayed put thus far.
- final rating: 8/10... I definitely recommend you to try this if you're looking for something new.

PS if you ignored my horribly untamed and quite scary looking eyebrows, I love you!


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