Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIY side fringe

you all know you have them - those oversized shirts with band logos, brand names, etc. you wear them to bed because they're too shapeless and blah to wear in public. well, consider them sleepwear no longer! all you need is a pair of scissors and you can help your poor little shirts that are stuffed in the backs of your draws being ignored. no threads in a closet should go ignored!
(sidenote: okay, you caught me! I actually bought this shirt yesterday, but I decided it needed a little sprucing up because I wasn't about to leave the fierceness of gaga to just be a bed shirt!)
the process is a bit time consuming, but I find it goes faster if I do it while watching my favorite movie I've seen a billion times and don't really need to pay attention. it's like being a grandmother only more chic... besides, I don't think grandmothers would take up knitting a lady gaga shirt.

step one: wash the shirt. mmm, so fresh and so clean.

step two: get yourselves a pair of sharp scissors, unlike the ones your third grade sister uses in class.

step three: lay your shirt on the ground (it's easier to cut when you aren't worried about cutting up your bedsheets beneath your shirt while DIYing!)

step four: cut an inch/inch and 1/2 into your shirt, starting at one edge, all the way up to the underpart of the sleeve.

step five: after all of your cuts have been made (in hopefully equal lengths), cut up the entire length of the side, cutting free the "loops" you have created by your previous cuts.

step 6: tie, tie, tie! double knots for security is a good idea because i'm sure you don't want your shirts to come undone and expose yourself at the wrong time!

step seven: make a small cut just before the hem of the sleeve, enough to get a clean rip, and rip the hem off in one easy pull.

voila! you now have a shirt that has a sign of -something- going on rather than just a boxy shape, and an added plus: a slimmer shape! enjoy.


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