Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i just peeled my socks off and BOY does it feel good. i just got home and i immediately ran to my bed. my shoulders are sore, my feet are sore, my eyes are sore... working sucks! i know, i know, how hard is it to serve coffee? it's not that - it's the old as fuck people that come in everyday and give me a hard time, whether it's in a joking way or not. either way, i am tired as hell right now. and because of this horrible time waster i call my job, i haven't had much time to come on here and enjoy comments and posts by all of you wonderful people! that being said, i need to get my arse in gear and make up yesterday and today's 30 day challenge!


day 25: what can be found in your bag/purse? -
oy vey! alright, i'm emptying it as i speak! [read: type]
outside zipper part: $15.65 in tips, a bobby pin, a bright pink reminder that i'm working tomorrow..
inside [ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!]: water bottle, wallet, VS mini lotion and body mist in pure seduction, 5 brand gum, burt's bees chapstick, c.o. bigelo lemon lip balm, 2 pens, a thing of bobby pins, hand sanitizer, gum wrapper, glasses case, daily medicine, sunglasses, floss, mini mouth wash, bracelet, mirror.
inside zipper compartment: tampons, bandages, and fingernail clippers.


day 26: what you think about your friends -
i have nothing but kind words to say about my friends. of course they get on my nerves at times, but if i didn't like someone, i wouldn't consider them to be a friend. i love them to death. they would [hopefully] do anything for me, and i them. we don't share many of the same interests, but my friends and my personality just click. i have 4 very best friends, two from town, one about 2 hours west of me, and one all the way in california. there are really no words describing the love i feel for these people. they've been with me through the ups and the downs. they've helped me to become who i am today, right now. they are part of me, and forever will be.


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