Friday, September 17, 2010

asos delivery!

finally! my asos package came in the mail and i was jumping up and down with joy! it's like christmas morning for me.

this first shirt was a doozy. i took it out of the bag and i was like... WHAT IS THIS? i honestly for the life of me could not figure out how it went. my brother did me the favor of going to the site and searching for the name of the item and saw how the model wore it in the picture. finally i figured it all out, and i LOVE it! my boyfriend made fun of me and said it looked like something a bungee jumper would wear with "all of that heavy duty elastic" in the back, but that's my favorite part of the shirt.

i'm also quite happy with the color of the scarf i ordered. my first reaction upon seeing it was, holy crap, why did i chose something so bright?! but i adore it now because i'm realizing it will add a lot of fun and color to my fall and winter wardrobe.

the third item i got was a bra, so i can't show you how i look in that because that'd just be awkward. and i can't find the picture from the website. it's just white and satiny, with cute little buttons in the middle. it fits like a glove, surprisingly.

overall, i am extremely happy with my purchases. they're my new favorite online store because even their sales have some awesome items. clearly!


Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Lovely shirt. I like it allot I even posted some strappy clothing DIY maybe let's see one day it seems like it's just parts in pieces Lust Lust Lust the scarf is gorgeous vibrant! Perfect :) xo

Liana said...

those are great selections, that top is awesome! haha that's funny you couldn't figure out how to wear it, i always feel so ridiculous when i can't figure out how something is supposed to be worn :P

Lady Lipstick said...

OMG so cute!! I love both, yay exciting! Now I am ready for a post with you in them!


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