Sunday, September 12, 2010

my nail beds suck!

leave it to me to label my post a quote from mean girls.

anyways, i bought some new polish today! sally hansen xtreme wear in "wet cement" and it's safe to say i am completely in love with the gray trend that's budding up this fall. this polish is very easy to apply, even to my right hand when i am most certainly NOT a lefty. the formula works very well and goes on smoothly and evenly. i did only one coat and it wasn't even streaky [my camera didn't really capture the non-streakyness and correct color! it's a bit darker in person.] this color will match everything and anything in your wardrobe, so give it a go!

 ps, please don't mind how vile my cuticles look! they're awful lately.


Jenna said...

Love this shade! I've got to get myself a bottle of's super-pretty :)


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