Sunday, September 12, 2010

update | end of the 30-day

i told you i'd be MIA! this weekend was so worth it, definitely had a blast reuniting with my friends from school and enjoying a few drinks. yay for underage drinking and over-eating horrendous college food!

anyways, nothing special on the fashion front. i went shopping today only to buy some new threads for work, consisting of gym shorts and t-shirts. awesome, right? not so much. i did, however, find freakin SPARKLE band-aids at target and i can't wait to get a horrible hangnail or something so i can use them. i'm a nerd when it comes to shit like that haha. i also bought a new shade of nail polish that i will post about as soon as these puppies dry!

while waiting, i'll finish up my 30 day challenge that would have ended yesterday, had i been around to blog.

day 29: in this past month, what have you learned? - 
how far i've come | how to love | how to stand my ground | how to make everybody equally happy

day 30: who are you? - 
i honestly can't answer this question, because i still don't know after 20 years of life. maybe someday in the future i will finally be able to answer.


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