Friday, September 24, 2010

cold weather favorites

you can feel it in the air. that crisp autumn smell. (you can feel it in your eyes, nose, and head, too! allergies, anyone?) grass loses it's luster, leaves begin to fall. nothing is a splendid as that very first crunch you hear as you step on leaves as you head to the nearest pumpkin patch. as the cold weather approaches, and very rapidly I may say, I have picked some of my go-to beauty faves for the season.

smith's lip balm is a savior for dry lips! I adore this stuff because it's non-sticky, and if there's anything you should know about lip products is that I absolutely LOATHE anything sticky! the smell is light and pretty and leaves your lips smooth and definitely kissable.

miss dior cherie is my favorite fall/winter scent because it's light, calming, musky, and pretty.

I tend to over-process my hair in the cooler days because, for one, I love the heat from my blow dryer and straightener when it's cold out! and two, there's no humidity to curl my hair the way it does in the summer so I straighten it so I don't have to look at a frizzy mess everyday. therefore, I need my handy dandy heat protexx by nexxus! it smells delish and sprays evenly in the best mist I've ever seen in a hair product.

victoria's secret lotions are the tits! this one, vanilla lace, smells so fresh and calm and pretty. it's ingredients are vanilla, orchid, amber and musk. being a bit musky, as it says on the bottle, it's perfect for keeping my skin smooth and smelling wonderful on those cool winter days.

aveeno positively radiance is great year-round, but really keeps me feeling moisturized on those super dry and cold days. plus it has really evened out my skin tone and texture, just as it states on the bottle. i definitely recommend this moisturizer for anyone.

scrub is perfect for dealing with dull looking skin. this burt's bees scrub gently exfoliates your skins and gets the dead skin off of your face so you shine all fall and winter long. some cleansers/scrubs contain metals and toxins that are horrendous for your skin, but this is over 98% natural, so where can you go wrong? as you can tell by the shape the bottle is in, it's nearly gone because I love it so much. it's fine to use everyday, so I do!

my hair seems to get lifeless and very dull in the winter, so I restore shine and health by using biolage smooth therapie every other day (what? at $16, it's too expensive to use every day!) it smells absolutely amazing and fresh and leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth.


Liana said...

i loooove smith's rosebud salve, i cannot live without mine! i really want to try that aveeno moisturizer i keep hearing great things about it..thanks for sharing!

Tesa said...

cute blog!

Closet Fashionista said...

Mmmm fall :D What great products :)

A said...

@liana - definitely try it out! it's a great product

@tesa - thank you darling

@cf - eek i know! fall is my favorite :)

Anonymous said...

I love the rosebud salve. If it was upto me I would have named is rose bad life saver. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

ARA said...

I`m so jealous of your Victoria`s Secret lotion. I`ve heard they`ll open a store in UK only in 2012. Damn it. lol.xx

julia louise said...

Hey babe.
It's my first time on your blog :-) You are welcome to comment on my blog and follow me<3

Lady Lipstick said...

YAY for cold weather. I need to get some of that lip treatment bc my lips are seriously always dry! Like really really bad!!!
I love VS body lotions too, delicious!!


A said...

@ARA - girl VS is fantastic! i have a giveaway featuring four body products by them so enter!

@julia - thanks for checking me out! i will, enjoy!

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