Monday, September 20, 2010

50 lovely followers giveaway!

yay 50 followers! you don't know how much i appreciate you all commenting and viewing my blog, it's what keeps me going! so, in honor of you all wonderful people, i am having my very first giveaway! here's to you! this giveaway will be open until october 10th (for no particular reason!) and i will pick the winner from a hat. this is open internationally, so good luck to you all!

to enter:
- you must be a follower of my blog
- comment below with your name, current email address for contacting, and your favorite thing about my blog
- for additional entries, tweet and/or blog about this giveaway (please create a second comment, providing me with the link to it)

drum roll please! giveaway prize includes:
-2 victoria's secret hydrating body lotions (one in luscious kisses, a new scent, and the other in pear glace)
-2 victoria's secret refreshing body mists (in the same scents as the lotions)
-a pair of forever21 earrings, gold metal painted white with pretty designs
-a forever21 gold locket necklace

i apologize for some of the pictures not facing the correct ways! blogger is quite obviously hating on me.


Lady Lipstick said...

HEy girl! First Congratulations on your 50 followers! YAY
I am a follower on Google!
I love your blog because you honest and genuine in all of your posts!


Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh what great stuff!!
Following and my email: megfaye721[at]att[dot]net
I love your blog because you always post something fun and interesting, I'm never bored :D

and yea, I know what you mean about things not fitting, that's why I'm always nervous about ordering things online, yet I still do it :p

¶ Michelle said...

Congratulations on 50 followers, your wonderful blog will gain more each day ;)

Ohh I'd LOVE to enter! -
and what I love about your blog? I love how free it is, you write about anything anytime and I enjoy reading every entry, keep it coming girlie!

oh and I tweeted your giveaway right here ->

Tabitha Bluebell said...

I love the outfits on your blog, but even more I love the feedback and support you give via here and twitter!

T x

Jenna said...

50 followers! YAY!

I am a follower on Google. My favorite thing about your blog is your writing! It has a distinct spark-a real sharp wit. Which is the best writing :)


Jenna said...


Also tweeted the giveaway here:


Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Congrats on your 50 Lovely Followers! I know it's a Big Exciting tell me about i just have 41 :) Entering your Giveaway! X Ari

Kirstin said...

Wow, beautiful giveaway!
I love that you have such a variety in your posts, diy, outfits... it's all fun!
I'm a follower.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on 50 followers. Great giveaway.
I loved the diy on the Lady Gaga t-shirt.

Ria said...

Congrats!I love the fact that you have good pictures and great writing!

samanthalim said...
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ARA said...

This is actually the first giveaway I enter lol, but I can`t resist those Victoria`s Secret lotions.
What I like about your blog is mainly the constant updates and the diversity. You talk about everything, from music, to movies,fashion,jewelries,beauty products. xx

neshawoolery said...

Hiya! Congrats!!

I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect and I love this blog because of it's simplicity and honesty. You have such a lovely, honest writing voice and you keep your blog looking simple and clean so we can focus on the content.

My email is

neshawoolery said...

I've tweeted this post, this is the link to my twitter:

and the link to this post is in the Funky Giveaway tweet :)



Michelle Evelyn Theodore said...

i really love your blog! and i wish i can win this giveaway! what i love most about your blog is your layout! it's so simple yet fabulous and extravagant!

followed via google connect (Michelle Theodore)
followed via twitter (@metheodore)
twitted this giveaway via twitter!

thanks so much:)

kimpaicastro said...

I want to be a part of your giveaway. My name's Kim Anne Castro, you can email me at What I like the most about your blog is first, the blogger seems to be really nice, and the posts are very creative and interesting.

kimpaicastro said...

I tweeted your giveaway and posted it on my blog.

I think I deserve 3-4 entries. Haha :P

kimpaicastro said...

I tweeted about your giveaway and posted it on my blog.

I think I deserve 3-4 entries. Haha :P

kimpaicastro said...

Oh my gosh. I didn't noticed that the promo is over! Hahaha. This is shameful. :))) Nice blog btw.

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