Saturday, September 4, 2010

oh, earl!

well, i am greatly appreciative of the fact that my mother had me cleaning off the patio of all things that could fly up into hurricane-force winds. it didn't take that long and wasn't hard at all. [can you sense my sarcasm?]

as us new englanders cowered in fear and braced ourselves the best we could for the hurricane's arrival, one question still remained throughout the days - where's earl? the ocean was calm. there was no wind.

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - what is falling from the sky?! RAIN?! what on earth is that? everyone, quick, get inside and light the candles in case the power goes out!

oh wait... hi, it's just precipitation.

the trees are still. the air is still. WHERE IS EARL?

.... we were still asking ourselves that last night, when it began to rain again. we were supposed to see the effects of this storm throughout the day and into tomorrow. the news told us so! gale force winds! horrible flooding! everyone, go buy an immense amount of water and batteries! god only knows the next time you will be able to leave the house!

sigh. it rained. and then it stopped. and then it rained some more. let's cut to the chase already - HURRICANE EARL NEVER HAPPENED IN MASSACHUSETTS. everyone's panties were in a knot for the past week - hell, some actually boarded their windows and doors. i laughed at them as i drove past them this morning.

well, it is very safe to say that i no longer trust any news anchor or weather man. basically all media is a piece of shit. why did i forget this? [oh right, because i slept through all of my media classes last year]


Choccy-Biccy said...

I'm glad you missed it! Rain is better than a hurricane :) xx

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