Friday, September 17, 2010

DIY wall decor

okay, so calling this decor is a bit overstated, but it's still a pleasant way to spruce up some bare walls in a cute way! i got the idea from a picture i found on tumblr, and i immediately asked myself why i never thought of that first! i have so many magazines piled high in my room with fantastic advertisements from all of my favorite designers and brands - chanel, michael kors, ysl, marc jacobs... the list goes on and on. so with the idea from the photo i came across, i decided to give it a shot by doing my own name in the same way. it's nothing too fancy or involved, but i think it's cute.

my inspiration:

and here's what i "created" ... sorry for the shatty pictures, for i placed them on my mirror and it's a bit confusing to see the difference between the letters and things in the background

and voila, there you have it! a very simple way to create some cool wall art. by the way, don't even get me started on the color of my walls! i don't know what i was thinking picking out that terrible color...


mary louise said...

so cute! i love it. very creative.

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