Sunday, May 30, 2010

organization 101

i'm trying to organize all of my beauty products . this is for my hair products, and i'll be getting another for my makeup. just an easy way for me to get things done and show anyone on here who's interested how i store things. woohoo for being organized!
[stole the storage idea from big city dreams!]

brushes, combs, hair clips, pins, elastic bands
heat protectant x2, replenishing mist, dry shampoo
headbands [not all are included]

and voila!

new baby!

new camera - canon powershot SX120IS
just some of my test shots...

my kitty percy

curtains in the kitchen window

flowers in front of my house

snuck into my neighbors yard cause they have puuurtty flowers

the sun beginning to set


they're all either overexposed or underexposed, but i'm still learning... definitely more to come, bitches! [and you know i say that with tenderlove&care]

Friday, May 28, 2010


so i guess my life officially sucks... i was wandering about the internet and i randomly decided to check my school email, and i wish i hadn't.
innocence is bliss, right?

"I am sorry to inform you that you have been suspended from the College for the period of one semester and have been dropped from any Fall 2010 classes for which you may have preregistered... I encourage you to use the period of suspension to consider ways to improve your academic performance and reassess your career goals."

mom's making me get a full time job. not only do i hate working but i HATE being home. i love being at school [minus the academic standpoint, clearly] and now i have to miss an entire semester.

three words - FUCK MY LIFE

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

recent purchases

l'oreal true match roller

rimmel london natural bronzer

rimmel london lash maxxx mascara, almay bright eyes highligter and liner

rimmel london lipstick in nostalgia

sally hansen snappy sorbet, sally hansen shall we dance?

tresemme freshstart dry shampoo

earrings [target]
bow ring [forever21], amber ring [purchased in a local bermuda shop], stacked ring [target]

necklace [forever21]

gel iphone case

summer reads

sorry about the shitty quality of the photos, i'm in DIRE NEED of a new camera.

[leave a comment if you're interested in hearing my opinions on anything]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

lust list

Beauty Products:

Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Tweezerman Sole Mate Pedicure Tool

Keep Glowing Tan Extend Body Moisturizer

Sephora by OPI Chic Print for Nails


J Crew Palisade cardigan

J Crew Silk cargo dress

J Crew Paisley poem blazer

J Crew Denim cut-off short

J Crew Frankie mini-dress

J Crew Camden leather brogues

mmmmm J Crew

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i can't hear. I MEAN DEAL

found this on W.A.N.G.'s bloggy and i just had to share...

what the fuck what the fuck what the FUCK.

i lack common sense

yahoo is silly. case in point:

here are MY 8 tips for surviving the following scenarios:

… a car is heading straight toward you in your lane?
beep incessantly at that mofucka and get the hell out of their way. and, if you manage to get out of your screaming coma soon enough, call the cops on their ass.

...a car is tailgating you and honking wildly?
refuse to go over 30mph and show them the ring on your middle finger.

… a car is swerving ahead of you and the driver is clearly impaired?
fly by that bitch going 85 and leave em in the dust... i don't want that fucker anywhere near my cute little car.

… a deer darts in front of your car?
scream bloody murder and swerve like a maniac. i don't want my car totaled, no thanks.

… you come to a four-way stop?
glare at the drivers that decide to go first followed by a near-collision once you've decided it's your turn.

… you’re blinded by the sun?
bliiiiiinded by the light! revved up like a DOUCHE [like the car that's on your ass] um, really? simple solution - SUNGLASSES.

... you get a yellow light as you approach an intersection?
i didn't know there was anything you could do besides speed through it..?

… you’re about to be rear-ended?
scream like the bitch you are and speed away from that asshole.

ZOYA nail polish exchange

have any old nail polishes you can't even fathom why you bought?

click HERE to exchange those hideous shades for new ones you really adore.

Lady WTF

i love the gaga but... i have no words