Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray

All I've seen lately is crap weather... It's safe to say that I am deep into the winter blues with possibly no escape! But that is what online shopping is for! It never fails to put me in a better mood with a smile plastered to my face and possibly drool dripping down my chin. And as a petite girl standing at only 5'2" my absolute favorite thing to gander at is platform heels! Heels are a (short) girl's best friend, right? So of course I am absolutely ecstatic that Jessica Simspon has added some lovely pieces to her collection, but it's a bit weird that some look like exact replicas of Jeffrey Campbell's. The t-strap, the chunky platform heel, and the peeptoe are all reminiscent of Campbell's most popular shoe.

Jessica's "Dany"

Look familiar? Jeffrey Campbell's "Foxy Platform"
Well, regardless, Jessica's version are absolutely gorgeous, and for around nearly $50 cheaper, I think it's a great deal. They also are available in purple velvet! Wowowow!

Some other pretty little shoes in her collection:

*JCampbell shoe courtesy of Nasty Gal
*All others courtesy of and available at Jessica Simspon Collection



Thanks! Thats too bad you can't convince anyone.. :( BUMMER.
Those shoes are really good look a likes!!

Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

Kirsten said...

Not that I am complaining (bc us gals on a budget need high style too!), but holy crap...that has got to be copyright infringement, haha! FAB finds this kind of stuff.


Erika of Style Activist said...

I am obsessed with the J. Simpson shoes. For a pretty bad actress, she makes amazing shoes!

And thank you for the comment! I do hope you start re-mixing :D I would love to see some of your outfits!

style activist

Niko's view said...

Love the first ones !<3

Stefany said...

OMG I absolutely love each and every pair of these shoes. I'm only 5'4 but I think I'd topple over in those platforms haha. Still think they're gorgeous though x

Chelsea Lane said...

great picks! jessica's shoes are lloovveellyyy but way too tall for me ;)


Michelle Elaine said...

i believe the simpson's came out before the jcs. i've been wanting a pair, but it sucks to not have money...


Alina A. said...

those shoes look really amazing!xx

The GUILTY HYENA said...

I've been impressed with some of Jessica Simpson's collection.

Pretty• In •Pink said...

I love the dany!!! I wonder if id injure myself even trying them on..siiigh

Rachel Clare Price said...

Thank you for your lovely comment at my blog!

I like these shoes! I didn't even know jessica simpson had a collection


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