Wednesday, December 15, 2010


While paging through the January issue of Nylon, I found an article about an electro-pop artist that I'd never before heard of, Uffie. After reading the short article, I immediately youtubed her because I love finding new and awesome jams to enjoy. She's got a collaboration with Diesel and they rave about her, saying "she is passionate, irreverent, and rock 'n' roll."

Photos courtesy of Diesel


Chelsea Lane said...

we play uffie in the store I work at! I love "Neuneu" :)


Anonymous said...

I remember Peaches Geldof had a bitch on twitter about how Ke$ha copied Uffie. It was a rather hilarious fight. :)

Kaleido Mind said...

very funky and cool!

kirstyb said...

these pics are amazing xxx

Kirsten said...

Love Nylon mag! This Uffie gal is pretty cool, I like her stuff...thanks for sharing!


Robbie said...

Great photos, love the rock and roll idea.
Thanks for your lovely comment.


northwest is best said...

Uffie's great, I love her album. Can you believe she has a baby?

Spence. said...

Cool post, I love indie electro-pop ;)

Alina A. said...

cool songs!xx

Sabrina O. said...

Love the songs!
Great post!
Sabrina O.

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