Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Freakin' Wonderland

I hope all of you darlings had a wonderful Christmastime! I hope you stuffed your bellies to the brim and recieved some awesome gifts from Santa. I sure did! I'll post my gifts later, because right now I am full of Monkey Bread (mum makes it every year for Christmas!) and a bit tired of all things Christmas. I usually am more cheerful around the holidays, but right now I am thankful that it's over! Too many places to go, too many things to wrap, too much to do! So I've taken it upon myself today to just veg out in sweatpants and relax. Perhaps play a bit of Little Big Planet!

I know, I said I'm glad Christmas is over, but I'd still like to know...
...tell me what your favorite gift was this year!

PS here are some pictures of the last snowfall, as we're currently getting hit with a Noreaster and there is no way I'm going outside to take photos in this mess!


Steph said...

Your photos are lovely! I hope you had a good christmas and manage to make it outside of your house at somepoint! :P xx

Carly said...

Yikes, we have had alot of snow too! It looks so pretty but I wish it would go soon hehe.
I have eaten far too many chocolates!

kirstyb said...

soooooooooo much snow! hope you had a great xmas xxxx

Alina A. said...

such gorgeous photos!xx


oh hello beautiful blue ring!
your updates never show up on my news feed :( stupid blogspot. it is okays though cause i have bookmarked you! :) xx

christie said...

jealousy to the max!!!!

wish it snowed in sydney.

hope you had a nice christmas

xxx christie


okay i have realised that i commented about the blue ring on the wrong post. sighhh

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