Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Telling Where It'll Take You, Just Live Your Life

I found this cute little tag on Laura's blog and, being that I can never resist things such as these, I decided to do it! I went sort of picture crazy, so bear with me...

1. What's your dream job?
Something definitely in the fashion industry! Working for a magazine company is one of my many hopes in life. Whether it's journalism, graphic design, public relations... Even interning to get damn coffee for the higher-ups would be absolutely wonderful! I'd like it to be in a nice city - Boston, NYC, Providence... We'll see!

2. What is your favorite fragrance for winter?
I really like Miss Dior Cherie, since there's a bit more of a musky scent to it.

3. How do you take your tea/coffee?
I take my tea with a bit of milk and two sugars. Same with my coffee! Unless I'm mixing it up and making myself a cafe mocha, I just mix the coffee with a packet of hot cocoa.

4. What is your most important beauty secret?
Treat your skin/hair/body nicely and it will do the same to you. Also, drink lots of water to keep your entire body moisturized.

5. If you had an all expenses paid vacation anywhere, where would you go?
Oh, gosh! I would jump from place to place... London, Paris, Germany, Ireland, Italy... I want to travel the world one day.

6. If a genie popped in your lap right now and offered you three wishes, what would they be?
Wish one would be for a brand new Macbook with everything on it that I need! Wish two would be for snow on Christmas. And wish three would be, if at all possible, to instill some motivation into myself.

7. If you could only have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert foods for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?
Lobster lobster lobster! I suppose that would be dinner. French toast with the works for breakfast - hashbrowns, eggs, bacon... Oh gosh. And lunch, probably something simple like a salad to start with and a chicken salad sandwich.

8. If you had to pick a famous person for your other half to meet, who would you choose for them?
Milan Lucic from the Boston Bruins, #17. I swear he'd marry him if he could.

9. What is your biggest makeup pet peeve?
Personally, my unsteady hand really pisses me off. When I'm applying mascara to my lashes and it gets everywhere.. that's upsetting. As for other people, I don't really have anything against people who do their makeup differently than the "norm." Whatever floats your boat!

10. If you could only wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life, what would it be?
 My boyfriend gave me a lovely key (to my heart!) necklace for my birthday this past July and I've worn it ever since. I don't take it off for anything. So that's one. I assume that if and when I get married, I won't be taking off my rings for anything.

11. What one talent do you wish you had?
I wish I could cook. I know it's a talent you have to obtain through practice, but in all honesty, thinking about cooking just sounds to me like work, not playtime. I wish I loved cooking, and had the patience to learn. I don't like relying on people for things, and once I've moved out of my house and get an apartment, I'd like to know how to feed myself! I'm sure cereal and grilled cheese will get old, fast.

12. The product you will continue to purchase?
Two words - dry shampoo! I will forever hault all showering just so I can use dry shampoo. It's so easy! It makes your hair look fresh and healthy when you don't have the time (or effort) to wash. Best thing since sliced bread, I'm telling you.
13. If you could look into the future, would you?  What would you want to know?
No way, Jose! I like sponteneity and seeing that would just be totally weird for me.

14. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?  (Include pictures)
George Clooney definitely gets my heart pitter-pattering... Mark Wahlberg is also pretty delish.

15. What made you start a blog?
I started looking at blogs quite a while ago, and I was just in awe of what these girls did! And I've always been interested in design, so I'd judge their blogs and think, hey, I could totally do this, and way better! Yes, I can be vain sometimes. So that's when it started!

I tag anybody who'd like to do this!
*All photos couresty of weheartit


Laura xo said...

Love your answers :) Wish i could cook as well! Mmm George Clooney & Mark Wahlberg <3 I need to try out some of that Miss Dior Cherie! xo

¶ Michelle said...

awe you sound like me :) I feel like tea right about now ehehe, and I love cherie, ahh the sweet smell is gorgeous ♥

great post A, I think I'll do this for my next post :)



Thanks for your sweet comment :)
It's nice to read this and the photos make it more appealing!

Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou
Thanks for being such a faithfull commenter :D

Carly said...

I always love reading anything like this hehe. I think I'm just nosy!

Aimee said...

Laura, aren't they yummy!? You should definitely sample some of that perfume :)

Michelle, do I? That's a compliment! Thank you chica.

Simone & Sjanna, of course! Faithful reader right here ;) Thanks!

Carly, oh gosh I am SUCH a nosy person!


Wow french toast looks so yummm. May have to try it now :] xx

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