Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh, the options!

I've been wanting a pair of flats/brogues for quite a while now, and while I did purchase these cute flats with the same sort of shape, I want a pair that are more suitable for everyday, and also something to match my black/gray clothing. So, I may or may not be drooling whilst doing some online browsing for the perfect ones I can find (on a budget, obviously).

I'm kind of leaning toward the two pairs from ASOS, but I'd really appreciate it if you could all leave a comment telling which one you think is the best and which I should buy! Thanks babies.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


For many people, shopping is a form of therapy. It's definitely my preferred method of clearing my head, and though it's not always cheap, I end up not only finding some amazing pieces but it gives me time to think. I decided this morning that I was in definite need of clarity, so I left my house, looted up on coffee and a bagel from Dunkin Donuts, and headed to -- where else -- the mall.

First stop: Forever21

I got this less for the bunnies and more in hopes of my daddy maybe being able to replace it with something better.

Black earrings because I would like to start wearing more dangly earrings rather than just studs.

Dusty Blue nail polish

Neon yellow nail polish... I don't really mind if it comes out completely horrible because it only cost me $2.50

I really needed just a plain, black belt, so I'm happy to have found this one.

Charcoal colored leggings with an barely noticeable acid-like wash. They are so cozy that I put them on as soon as I got home.

Charcoal crew-neck sweatshirt shirt.

Knit tunic in heather gray, a bit oversized for max comfort.

Open cardigan in an orchid taupe color.

And now on to H&M

Woven brown leather and gold bracelet

Thin, brown leather belt (also needed!)

Faded black belt

Cream colored knit cardigan

$144 well spent, apologies all around, and two coffees later, I'm feeling much better about today.

Friday, October 29, 2010


The following images are, to me: inspiring, funny, genius... Things that are currently corresponding my mood.

*All images courtesy of FFFFOUND!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week in Photos

Can I just say - IT'S ALREADY THURSDAY?!


1. I've always been tempted to put a sign like this up in our store window. You can clearly see that the lights have gone down and the place has emptied out. Yet people STILL feel the need to peek inside and shake the door to try to get it unlocked, even though we close at the same time. Every. Day. Really?

2. I finally decided to take a few shots of the pretty foliage on my street. I've seen prettier throughout my town but that would require getting off my lazy bum and actually walking/driving there... It may happen. Eventually.

3. Probably the last of the flowers we'll be seeing for quite a while.

4. Yum! A toasted cheese and turkey sandwich courtesy of my brilliance and, of course, the toaster oven.

5. Thinking about to whom I should give this as a gift... Perhaps it'll be my 100 follower giveaway? (Which will be soon hopefully! Thank you thank you thank you!!)

Have yourselves a good night my lovelies, and happy almost weekend!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coffee and Roses

I found out from Chloe over at not from concentrate that Ellie from Coffee and Roses is having a giveaway featuring a MAC lipstick of your choice and freaking Lush Snow Fairy! I believe you've all noticed that I've wanted to try Snow Fairy for a while now because I still haven't! So, I figured I'd saunter on over to her blog and enter. This is a great giveaway and I've gotta hand it to the girl, her blog is so freaking cute! Now, get your ass over to her blog and enter, and leave her lovely comments on her equally lovely blog.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Messy Messy Look

Have you been to Laura's blog? You should go to Laura's blog! I recently saw that she put up a post about doing a Messy Look from a tutorial she found and she looked fabulous! So of course I decided to give it a go because it looked so pretty and natural. Thea's youtube video was very helpful and she really went step by step on how to achieve the look. Or at least, prepare for it, in the first video. (By the way, you totally need to subscribe to her channel because that girl knows hair!) The second video is where you actually take your hair out of it's messiness and make it look totally bomb, at least for her anyways! She does a really good job of telling you what to do next for a very simple hairstyle that took me less than 10 minutes.

Now before you get too excited for pictures, please note that I'm the idiot who has no hairspray. So that was my first misstep. I also don't have a diffuser for my hair dryer. I think it came with one but it kept popping off and refused to stay attached. So without those products on hand, I knew my hair style wouldn't look nearly as good as Thea's from her video tutorial. But she really did do a fantastic job on her tutorial and I think everyone who's interested should definitely give it a shot because what have you got to lose? If you completely hate it, put it in a messy bun for the day and forget about it. But if you love it, you have a new, easy hair style to work!

I just woke up before taking these pictures, so I look super tired and groggy. I haven't had my morning coffee yet!

Waking up, having done nothing to my hair but sleep on it

Hot, right?

I took all of the braids and buns out and, of course, I already hated it.

After messing with it for a bit and making it calm down somewhat, I actually decided that it isn't so bad.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend in Photos









1. Today's outfit: Mom's Martha's Vineyard jean button-down shirt, army green Old Navy tank, black leggings, and Steve Madden flats. Please ignore the clutter that is consuming the floor behind me... I'm in serious need of cleaning my spare room!

2. My newest addition! I absolutely love these Steve Madden flats, as seen in the first picture. They are my new bffs.

3. One of the books I'm currently reading. Ms Cutrone seriously cracks me up with her writing, but she's also got some really good advice on what it takes to be in the fashion business. I seriously recommend this book if you're interested in a fierce woman's take on the fashion world. Even if you're not into fashion, it's still a great book filled with great advice.

4. Have I told you that I'm a huge candle fiend? This is a very recent discovery. Currently burning: Butterscotch Toffee.

5. I went with my boyfriend and my brother to see Jackass 3D. It was funny as hell, but be warned that there is some nasty shit in this movie (literally), so if you have a weak stomach, I don't suggest going to see it. I was cracking up throughout the whole thing. Because I grew up with two older brothers, I can definitely handle disturbing and disgusting things haha.

6. Seeing as I have no creativity lately, I'm seriously considering just being a black kitty for Halloween. Original, right? At least I can have amazingly long and pretty lashes to vamp up my look. This will be my first time using false eyelashes, so hopefully I don't glue my eye shut!

7. My sweet tooth is killing me! I got these Reese's Pieces for the movies the other night but didn't eat them because I was too busy inhaling my Sweedish Fish. Instead, my boyfriend and I had them for breakfast while still in bed the morning after. Not my fault they're so yummy!

8. My current nail color and newest addition to my varnish collection: Sonia Kashuk "tauped." Me like! I did a very sloppy job applying it, though. Damn small brushes! But don't get me wrong, I do really love it!

9. Lasted iPhone game addiction: We Doodle! Oh my gosh, this game is hilarious. It's like Pictionary - you can play with other users online and they have a turn at drawing and you guess what it is in a certain amount of time, and vice versa. This lovely person decided to be cool and draw something they clearly were not getting as they were playing a sad little game on their iPhone. (And no - the sad part isn't actually playing, but drawing immature things!) Still, it made me laugh so I took a screen shot of it. Anyone know if that would be blood coming out of there? Hahaha.