Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week in Photos

Can I just say - IT'S ALREADY THURSDAY?!


1. I've always been tempted to put a sign like this up in our store window. You can clearly see that the lights have gone down and the place has emptied out. Yet people STILL feel the need to peek inside and shake the door to try to get it unlocked, even though we close at the same time. Every. Day. Really?

2. I finally decided to take a few shots of the pretty foliage on my street. I've seen prettier throughout my town but that would require getting off my lazy bum and actually walking/driving there... It may happen. Eventually.

3. Probably the last of the flowers we'll be seeing for quite a while.

4. Yum! A toasted cheese and turkey sandwich courtesy of my brilliance and, of course, the toaster oven.

5. Thinking about to whom I should give this as a gift... Perhaps it'll be my 100 follower giveaway? (Which will be soon hopefully! Thank you thank you thank you!!)

Have yourselves a good night my lovelies, and happy almost weekend!


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