Friday, October 8, 2010

Order Up: Forever21

My Forever21 purchase finally arrived! Of course, it was when I was at work, but luckily my brother was home to sign the package and take it in for me! Yay!

First purse:
I la-la-la-LOVE this purse! It's petite and small, yet still big enough to fit my wallet, phone, chapstick, and other necessary items. It's casual with a bit of flair and I absolutely love it!

Second purse:
hand-to-bag ratio
It's a lot bigger than I first expected. I imagined (and wish) it would be about half the size, but I guess I can make do. It's also a little flimsy, I thought it'd be more structured, though I do love the softness of the fabric!

Third and final purse:
This first picture makes the bag look very flat, for it is right now because it was flattened in the mail. In the next couple of pictures I stuffed it with two of my sweatshirts so it looks full and definitely a lot better!
I really like that this bag is a bit more structured than other bags I own. I adore the quilted fabric and the chain. I do wish the handles were a bit longer but I still like it. I think it will be great for a casual kind of day and is the perfect size for everything that I need!


head over heels said...

i really love the last bag, i've never actually had anything from F21 as i don't want to pay shipping to the UK :(
cute blog btw, i'm following! x

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

gosh I am adoring the first one! First time on your blog and loving it! I totally wuv your blog name!!


Jenna said...

Ooooh...I really love all of these, but the first is probably my favorite. I am a sucker for tiny, cross-shoulder it cross-shoulder? One of the pics is not loading on my


Nav said...

love the first bag!


ALANNAH said...

love your bags & blog! xx :)

Michelle Elaine said...

i was in there the other day and felt like omg they really out did themselves with the purses. i wanted at least 5, but walked out with shoes and sweaters, ooopsies. haha



such cute purses omg!

¶ Michelle said...

oh I love the bags, especially the first baby :) the heart locket is perfect ♥

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