Monday, October 25, 2010

This SO goes with my shirt

That comic made me laugh. But, in other news, I have been a bad, bad blogger! I haven't posted in almost a WEEK because my inspiration is just dead right now. I'm trying hard not to spend money because saving up for a Macbook is using up all of my checks from work! So therefore, no clothing/beauty hauls for quite a while. And because my current laptop sucks in every aspect, blogging has become more difficult than I'd like :\ That being said, the only thing I can think to blog about right now are my current ins & outs. Here goes...


Canoodling with the boy. As the temperature drops and I'm feeling more and more in love every day, nothing beats cuddling up under the blankets with my favorite person in the world.

One word - coffee!

Trying to spark an idea for a cute yet simple DIY Halloween costume. (Any suggestions?!)

Delicious smelling candles that warm my cold little heart.

Reading fantastic books.


Typical, slutty Halloween costumes.


Fighting with the parentals.
Messy, cluttered rooms.

Having no inspiration at ALL!


Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Welcome Back Dear!! This happends to all at times no Inspiration nothing to Blog about :)
Yes SAVE SAVE me too I'm saving for my DSLR Camera by Xmas! Can't Wait but ofcouse this weekend I Mini Shopped again at Marshall's...bad idea....but good stuff. I don't understand how some ladies buy buy buy buy so much and expensive and their so good at it maybe cause they don't have a Mortgage or bills to but for sure a MAC is $$ hope you get it soon :)
Cheer Up!!!!! Search around the web for DIY Halloween there must be lots around. I am also DIY Custome i want a Shiny Tinsel Wig, lighting zig-zag on my eye like Lady Gaga and dress up my clothes....let's see still on the Hunt for the Wig. What happend to your Dora the Exploradora Custome? xo

Aimee said...

Ahh, Marshall's is always a killer! I have a couple tops I need to return today and it's going to be hard to not shop around for new stuff! I'm not sure about my costume! I'm so indecisive haha.

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