Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Ins & Outs


Fall weather! It's finally arrived! Autumn is my favorite season out for so many reasons - pretty foliage, cooler weather, boots, cozy sweaters, hot drinks, pumpkin picking! Eek it never ends!

Thrifting - you can find amazing articles of clothing that are in terrific shape. It's not gross as long as you wash it before wearing it, and it's so much cheaper! And vintage finds are vintage for a reason - unique fashions that you won't see other people wearing!

Sleek, flat-ironed hair. I love having wavyesque hair during the summer because where I live it's too humid and disgusting to use heating tools. Just thinking about it makes you sweat buckets. Now that it's cooler, I love having the sleek, straight hair that I can't have during the summer.

Structured bags. No more slouchy, huge bag to stuff a sweatshirt and spare flip flops into in case of emergencies. The cooler winter is here which leaves me with no more oil wipes to get the summer humidity off of my face, no more water bottles to keep me cool, no more bunches of elastics and bobby pins to get off of my hot neck. Yay for the essentials! Wallet, phone, chapstick, keys, and my medicine.


Hooded sweatshirts - they're positively great for spending the day lounging around the house and being cozy. Well, if you haven't noticed, chic sweaters and jackets are all the rage this season as the cold weather is upon us. Don't go out wearing that terrible stained and hard to match hoodie! Opt for a cute blazer, cardigan, or bomber jacket instead.

Missing Gossip Girl. I saw the first two episodes so I have two others to catch up on! And it certainly doesn't help that my computer is slow as shit and won't let me watch it without freezing a bunch of times :( I miss my fashionable and fabulously bitchy ladies from the show! And of course that little cutie Milo!

Allergies. This is the one thing I cannot stand about seasons changing. Living in New England, yeah, we get all of the great shit, but allergies are what kill me! I woke up this morning feeling like my head was going to pretty much explode and I couldn't get far on my feet without feeling like I would fall flat on my face or walk into a wall. Do not like!

Bare nails. I can't be without my nails painted! It's my new accessory. My nails are bare right now and I feel practically naked!


Jenna said...

Darling, I could not agree more about fall, structured bags, thrifting and hoodies. Oh, and I love Gossip Girl. Unfortunately, I always end up watching it one full season at a time. I buy the DVD box sets the day after Christmas (for like $12, yay!) and then lock myself away over Thanksgiving eating way too much food and watching the cat fights, clothes and hot boys. Hey-there are worse ways to spend a holiday, right?


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