Sunday, October 17, 2010


Maybe I've been hiding under a rock, but since when did Kelly Osbourne lose weight?! She is looking fierce and fucking fabulous! The blonde hair, bold lips, and amazing threads make her look wonderfully put together.

At the Scream 2010 Awards (via)

V Mag Party (via)

Mulberry's After-Party (via)


All Made Up said...

she looks stunning and i want that red spotty skirt! Havent seen any pics of her since she split from the bf so maybe the weight loss has something to do with that? either way she suits it and just seems to get better looking! :)

Zhenya said...

She looks like a whole different person! Loving her style!

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Yes gorgeous! Ive been wanting to Post her she's gotten so Skinny&Pretty :)

Cait said...

She slimmed down at the beginning of this year around when she was on Dancing With The Stars, she dropped 40+ pounds. It's pretty crazy, but good for her as long as she's being healthy about it. What the first commenter said is correct, there was talk of her weight loss being partially attributed to her hot model fiance possibly cheating on her and then dumping her... she made some comments about the "heartbreak diet." :/

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