Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sarah Leora

"A 17 year old making her way in the world, Sarah Leora fashions is just getting started. Normal girls do not spend their free time taking trips to the city to find the perfect fabric, but Sarah does. Fashion is her passion and she lets the world know with her creative and revolutionary designs. With her desire for her fashions to reflect 21st century Audrey Hepburn, Sarah is kept  extremely busy. That means that on top of biology and geometry, Sarah has another subject: her amazing fashion future.
After years of preparation, her dream is finally becoming reality. With much support from her parents, guiding figures, family, and friends Sarah is on her way. Her style ranges from classic pieces to girly rompers all portraying her distinct look."
- her newly up and running website

W-O-W. It always amazes me when such young people with talent make it out there in this brutal world. And her clothing line is actually really cute! This girl has such a bright future ahead of her. I love how elegant and girly all of her creations are. She designs them with fantastic fabrics in mind like silk, velvet, and lace. What do you all think?


A few of her designs


Nav said...

love that white dress... and the last one!



i love all the fab looks! come follow and vote xo

Anonymous said...

all looks so greattt!! xoxo

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