Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Indulgences

"14 of the Most Simple & Satisfying Indulgences for the Home" brought to you by the Stir at Cafe Mom is something I couldn't agree with more! I stumbled upon this site and this post is all about how the little things in life (and your home) can really make a difference in your everyday life! I am definitely going to try to live up to these 14 indulgences in my own bedroom in hopes of it feeling more comfortable and chic.

1. Fresh flowers 

"In the winter months, regularly splurging on fresh flowers feels not only a bit indulgent, but essential for a bit of color and life in our long winters."
I say: Flowers, fake or not, are a great way to decorate your home, especially for those dreary, cold, winter days. It adds a flair to your home and can make you feel more upbeat from both the pop of color and the fresh smell.

2. Art books

"Art books are usually great looking and when stacked, make for simple home decor, too."
I say: Definitely a plus for those boring Sundays when you feel like being inspired. Plus they can double as decor when displayed stacked up on a coffee table or bed-side table.

3. A good candle
"Don't underestimate the power of a refreshing scent."
I say: I am a candle fiend! Perfect for when you've left something in your room too long (which happens more than occasionally for me) or when you need a hint of something fresh.

4. Warm clothes right out of the dryer.
"There's probably nothing better than seeing your seven-year-old flopping around in delight when he gets pajamas fresh from the dryer."
I say: I don't have children to do that, but I personally do it! I especially love towels right after the dryer so you can stay warm after a shower.

5. Houseplants
"In most any room, a little green can be so pleasing."
I say: Just as flowers can spruce up any room, plants can add life to any room.

6. Color

"Good color can seriously change everything (mainly your attitude)."
I say: A pop of color can do wonders! Even if it's just one wall, it adds that certain element that brings an entire room together.

7. Good storage.

"Everything in its place can feel downright decadent!"
I say: You can never be too organized, and it's an added bonus when it looks pretty!

8. White bed linens

"They always look so fresh and clean, and feel so mmm."
I say: I couldn't agree more!

9. Clean closet

"There's no better high than the one that comes with a clean, decluttered, well-organized closet."
I say: It definitely makes it easier to enjoy getting dressed when you have a great space for your clothing and accessories.

10. Candlelight dinner

"Alicia Alferman of Mayfly understands that it only take a few extra minutes to make a homecooked meal special."
I say: Seeing as I'm twenty and still live with my parents at home, I don't have my own dining room to decorate, but I definitely plan on having my future dinner table set with great accents.

11. Not worrying about resale value

"Decorating our homes in a way that fills us with happiness and inspiration, without regard to the "what ifs" of reselling, is a luxury we can all try to enjoy."
I say: I in no way need to even think about anything like this yet! But I do think it's important to make your house your home, no matter how long you'll be there.

12. Good bedding

"Egyptian cotton sheets and down blankets and pillows... I don't care how much I have to scrimp elsewhere. Every night I get into bed and just melt. "
I say: I 220% agree! Bedding not only shows off your style but there's so many fabrics and styles you can choose from.

13. Quality textiles

"Being of nicer quality, they not only make a bigger impact to the design, but they will also be more durable in the long run."
I say: Fabrics can make or break the flow of any room. You don't want scratchy, cheap fabric, for it will show it's true (horrible) quality within a matter of months.

14. Nice-smelling hand soap

"Something as small as pampering your hands with a delicious-smelling soap can perk you up throughout the day."
I say: I definitely enjoy washing my hands more when the soap smells delicious and gives me that comforting feeling. 

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Closet Fashionista said...

Great photos/quotes. I agree with all these, sooo nice. But sadly I don't have my own house yet, but luckily my mom is a good decorator ;)

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

Great tips! I've always read that fresh flower one and just haven't brought myself to start spending the money yet. I did just buy a plant yesterday though so I can tick that one off the list!

X Cristina

Aimee said...

@CF - me either but yes! Thank good for mommies with good taste haha

@Christina - Yay! I need to get on the bangwagon and get some flowers in my room. Hopefully some with no pollen bc allergies are crazy this time of year!

@Mara - never underestimate the power of awesome smelling anything! It seriously brightens my day :)

Emilie said...

what a great post!! Thank you so much for sharing :)
great blog!


hope you come visit/follow me! :)

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