Saturday, October 16, 2010


if you've noticed, I have been completele obsessed with nail polishes lately! I've been buying new colors and brands left and right. I love how diverse nails can be compared to outfits. you can pull a whole outfit together for just $8.50! nail varnish is my new favorite accessory. though I do try out loads of new colors and hues, I've never really been one that used nail varnish with loads of shimmer or sparkle. even opalescent polishes have never been my thing. but once I spotted this baby, I knew it I had to try it! it's Milani Nail Laquer, a brand I've never heard of before this, in "Diamond Dazzle."

Now now, before you get too excited, I was very dissapointed in the product's uphold. Nail polish is meant to be worn longer than an hour, am I right? This one failed to do so. It immediately began to chip after it dried, even after I applied a topcoat! Terrible. I started chipping away at it after that because if it couldn't hold up in regular day to day activities, there's no way it'd stay put while working. I'll admit that the brand has some pretty colors, however I will not be purchasing this brand of nail polish anymore.

Final grade: F


minnja said...

Loooooooove it :)))))


Cait said...

Aww, that's disappointing. It's so pretty! I've been in a similar situation with a glittery varnish I had. I left it at home so I don't know the deets but the first time I wore it, it chipped like crazy the same day. I think it helps if you do a base coat of clear polish, or white to help the glitter pop, and then put the glitter on, and then a top coat or two. That's usually what makes my polish last longer when it's old or just bad quality and won't stand on its own~

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