Sunday, October 3, 2010

metallic nails

As I was pondering through my mother's drawer of nail polish in search of a clear coat, I came across one of my older nail varnishes that I got YEARS ago and never opened because I wouldn't even think of wearing it. Well I instantly grabbed it and gave it a shot because, as you've seen in the fashion world, metallics are IN. As you can see, it's an older Sally Hansen varnish because of the bottle shape, but it still worked splendidly. And another reason to love it - it has a matte finish! There's no shine which is perfect because, hello, it's shiny enough! If you can find it in stores still, I highly suggest purchasing it as it's one of my new favorites!


Anonymous said...

I love them! I bought a silver Rimmel nail polish a while ago, but it doesn't give a matte finish like Sally Hansen. It's more... sparkly, I think. X

Anonymous said...

wow, they look so futuristic! :) It reminded me paintig my nails white by equalizer or black by CENTROPEN :)
xoxo Hannie

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