Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Organization 101

I finally decided to get my shit together (quite literally, it was everywhere and hard to find!) and organize the majority of my most used beauty products. I have a desk I do not use currently so I decided to display all of my things on there. God, how I wish I could take back painting the walls of my spare room that horrendous green! Anyways, here's a look at my tiny little collection of all things beauty.

Makeup, and up top is a nail kit and file.

Face products

Eye products

Lip products

Brush storage... I'd seen quite a few beauty bloggers have this fabulous idea - being able to stand makeup brushes up in a small container filled with rice, pebbles, you name it! I decided on small clear crystals to keep mine standing up and a white glass bowl I found in one of the cupboards. It works perfectly and looks lovely!

My tiny little perfume collection that grows by one about twice a year, if that. From left to right - A roll-on of DKNY Be Delicious that's not viewable in this picture, Lilu, Miss Dior Cherie, Betsey Johnson, Escada, Hope Pink, Coach Poppy, Burberry, Versace Bright Crystal (and my two main beauty products hiding in the corner - Ban deodorant and Aveeno daily moisturizer)

Small white dish containing some of my favorite, everyday jewelry pieces, and a roll on perfume, Angels Heavenly by Victoria's Secret.

On to the haircare storage!

Resting on top of that are some books I still haven't read...

...And my newest nail varnishes.

Top drawer contains hair brushes, combs, elastics, and some other hair accessories.

Second drawer contains my main hair products.

Bottom drawer contains headbands (which by the way are hardly ever used) and my dry shampoo spray because it no longer fits in the middle drawer!

In the keyboard pull-out drawer, I have my hair tools. Two straighteners, a curling iron, and a brush I so badly need to clean...

Aaaand there you have it! An in-depth look at my fantastical beauty "station."


Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Oh my Great Idea. I have like 4 small Channel and Victoria Secret bags filled with makeup, nailpolishes etc..eveything srunctch together. What a Brilliant Idea! gotta do it. xo Ari

Manon said...

This looks like heaven! So pretty.

ARA said...

oh, it`s looking so organized!I`m jealous.xx

Diana said...

i love how you stored your brushes! you are so organized :)


Meekay said...

I like the way you organized your beauty products, it's a great idea! My stuff are in desperate need of some organization!!



Ellen said...

you're so organised mine is all just shoved in a box in my bathroom - at least i know where it is. You have some fantastic products :) your little cute jewellery is lovely! I love those rings - they are rings right? loving your blog.



Heather said...

Okay you just made me want to go home and organize the tops of my dressers....I really need to get my shit together!


{ Thy Lady } said...

i have CD Miss Cherie too, isn't it just so gorgeous! xx

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