Monday, October 18, 2010

Calico 5th Anniversary Party

If you're not heard of Calico, a brilliant store that mixes both vintage and contemporary clothing, then you're a huge loser! Well, okay, I'll give you guys a break seeing as they're only based in Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA but they have a great website where you can shop and a blog to see what they've been up to.

Last night I attended their 5th year anniversary party. It was at the New Bedford Whaling Museum which was the perfect setting. The event featured a live DJ, a cash bar, a mini-fashion presentation featuring the designs of Selah D'or, and a pop-up shop. The DJ was great and kept the whole event very upbeat and fun, and of course the showcase of Selah D'or was amazing! Most of my photos were of his designs. Not only were the models completely flawless, but the fashions were exquisite!

Case in point - Calico knows how to throw a party.

Pop-up shop:

David Chum's Selah D'or collection mixed in with outfits by Calico:

The shirt I purchased to remember the event:


Fashion-rocks said...

The models looked great, love the lace dress!

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