Monday, February 28, 2011

Not So Basic

American Apparel is kind of awesome. They have fabulous basics that I need right about... oh... now. I love taking simple basics and dressing them up a bit. Right now, I'm sticking to jeans and sweatshirts, but come the warmer weather, I'll be back to my normal self.


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Video Tag

Hi darlings! I caved into my boredom and did a video tag. This is me... yapping on and on. Click the picture to head on over to the video. Enjoy!
Oh, and pardon my mum's interruption towards the end.

PS. Find the questions at Laura's blog here!

The Days Go By

I slept in until 11am this morning, and it felt so, so good. So far, today has been filled with coffee, cuddling with my kitties, refusing to shower... Pretty much the norm when I come home on weekends. 
Lookin pretty fetch today, I know.

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*Last photo via weheartit

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hide Out

How amazing does this cute little caravan look? I would absolutely love to grab my boyfriend and head to a beautiful deserted place and just hide out for a week. Relax in that wonderful looking bed until the sun rises, then travel outside to wherever we've decided to drive the little thing to.


*Pictures courtesy of Sharona Design

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pint Sized Fashion

Suri Cruise must be the best dressed little girl in the country! Her fashion choices are so adorably chic. I'll bet she actually picks out her own outfits, as well. With the money her family has, her little closet must be freaking amazing! I would have loved to be a little girl and have the options this little one has.

*All photos courtesy of weheartit

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Get Crazy, Get Wild, Let's Party, Get Loud!

Hello, my darlings! Hope you all are well, because I surely am not. I went to bed with a sore throat last night and I woke up with it feeling like it was on fire. I also have a bit of a fever. So today has been a day for relaxing and hanging around. I've got homework I need to work on after this, but so far, my day has consisted of...

giving nasty looks at the newly fallen snow... SERIOUSLY, the last of the snow had just melted! Give us a break, New England...

cuddling with my kitties...

lazing on the couch while watching Jersey Shore... it's my ultimate guilty pleasure!

eaten my trusty chicken noodle soup...

and got my hair did! I didn't get much done to it, just a trim. I'm desperately trying to grow out my hair.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Everyday People

 Everyday People is a collection of cute little comics done by Cathy Thorne that show "cartoons about women, and the people who love and annoy them."

I'm really hoping I can purchase these four, as they're my favorite out of the bunch! I'd love to put them in a frame and look at them up on my wall and smile at how perfectly they describe me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lazy Lazy Days

We all want what we can't have, right? That's the way the cookie crumbles when you're too lazy to try and look decent. It's not like I have anybody to impress at school, but sometimes it would be nice to walk around campus and have people compliment you on your clothing, rather than look by just another person wearing a university sweatshirt. I wish it was easier to look good. This is why there haven't been too many outfit posts...

What I'm actually wearing (notice the makeup... OH WAIT there isn't any):

What I wish I was wearing:

It's a tough world out there. I'm extremely jealous of you girls who not only have the time but the patience to put together lovely outfits every day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Want To Be Rich and I Want Lots of Money

The accessories department at Topshop is seriously MIND blowing! I find myself quite often clicking over to the site and browsing all of the things I would love to wear... COME ON, MONEY TREE. Here are my favorite picks, and, of course, reasoning as to why I should buy them! I swear, as soon as summer rolls around and I've got the money, you all know where it's going.

Color in your spring wardrobe is totally necessary...
You can never have too many purses...

I'm pretty terrified of incorporating hats into my outfits but I can picture myself walking around the beach with my toes in the sand, shielding my eyes from the bright sun...
One of the cutest double rings I've seen to date...
Everyone needs a bit of turqouise in their wardrobe...
I need a new pair of sunnies... Tortoiseshell, anybody?
Totally something Ally would wear in The Notebook, no?
*All photos courtesy of Topshop

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweet Little Finds

Don't you LOVE finding Etsy shops with the cutest stuff ever?! I sure do. All of these items below are available at Belle Hibou. Cutest little things I've ever seen... I need them all. Seriously!

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Sweet Jams

Concerts I need to see ASAP!
Now turn up your speakers and press play.



The Cataracs


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm totally going to purchase/DIY things more geared toward my own personal style this spring and summer season. Here's to shopping!

*All images from Tumblr