Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hide Out

How amazing does this cute little caravan look? I would absolutely love to grab my boyfriend and head to a beautiful deserted place and just hide out for a week. Relax in that wonderful looking bed until the sun rises, then travel outside to wherever we've decided to drive the little thing to.


*Pictures courtesy of Sharona Design

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DAKOTA said...

WOW - this is one of my favorite posts I've come across in ages!! I would love to live in that, right by the beach! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

Charleston said...

love it

Anonymous said...

Wow, I would love to live there and destress without anyone around! Except maybe a couple of friends or something, haha. Looks like a very relaxing place :)

Laura xo said...

Wow, this is SOO gorgeous! Perfection is right, ugh <3 I'm lucky if any house i own will be as stunning as that caravan haha xo

Anonymous said...

oh I love the the stripes!
awesome wallpaper and such a cute caravan! :)
stop by sometime, xx natalie

em_lysk said...

Hi Aimee, thanks for your comment :) I love the moors around my home town, for all the things you just described! They're especially enchanting if you've read Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre.

Wow, that caravan looks amazing! I'd love to be able to just pack up and set off to a new stunning location day after day. Bliss! xx

Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

That is sweet! I really like the tree wallpaper.

Aimee said...

Dakota, hehe thanks! I saw it and knew I had to post it because it's so darling!

Charleston, me too :)

Amaris, seriously! It looks lovely.

Laura, right?! Perfection.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

claradevi said...

We rarely see caravan around here because unlike the western, people don't camp a lot here during summerdays (also because we have summer all the time in the tropical country) but I'd love to move somewhere abroad and get a caravan like this on my own!
It's very neat and comfy.

My first time here. Will keep coming :)

Kenziefaith said...

This is awwwwesome! Seriously. That wallpaper is to die for!

KF x

J'Adore Fashion said...

Like the strip one! nice :)


Marie said...

Sounds like one relaxing week!:D

Cute kitchen.;D

***** Marie *****

Sarah said...

Oh my. If I didn't need a wardrobe the SIZE of that caravan I could easily live in it <3

Thanks for sharing :D

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