Friday, October 1, 2010

Proud to Present: A Perfect Lie

Good afternoon, lovies!

Remember this post way back when that I never bothered doing? Well, here is my very first feature of a darling girl who has captured my blog-loving heart with her cute posts. Through her posts, you can tell the girl's got an amazing sense of style. With over 100 followers that adore her, she continues to update her blog with her own "In the Spotlight" features (which is clearly a popular trend at the moment!) and her darling posts about "Reasons to Smile" which never cease to cheer me up and feed my eye candy craving. And did I mention she makes cute little bracelets? Talk about creative. First off, go follow her blog! And secondly, follow her on twitter because she updates quite a bit! Now, without further ado, I present to you Tabitha from A Perfect Lie!

1. Alright, let’s talk fashion. What’s one wardrobe staple you can’t go without?
Hmmmm, ok, so as un-glam as this sounds it would have to be underwear! As a girl with bosoms that are disproportionately large to the rest of my body a good bra is my best friend :) I think this goes for everybody, good-fitting underwear can trim inches off your figure not to mention make you feel great about yourself.

2. Describe your style.
Comfortable! Working with kids from 8:30-6 means I have to be comfortable and can't wear anything too revealing. Not that I want to wear revealing clothes, but skirts are generally a no no. Plus it's a really casual workplace, so even coming in wearing a topknot and aviator jacket the other day I got comments saying I looked "glam" so dressing up too much would look ridiculous! Having said that, I've been totally inspired by LLYMLRS and the gorgeous outfits she wears so have been trying to be more fashionable at the weekends by replacing my everyday jeans with skirts + tights/shorts + tights combos

3. Who is your favorite fashion icon?
There are so many! I love Nicole Richie's boho vibe and how unique Mary-Kate Olsen's look is. I have a major girl-crush on Megan Fox, although not so much for her clothes more her overall look/tattoos! I could never afford the clothes they wear though, and despite having a regular Celebrity Sunday post on my blog I'm not actually any good at spotting clothes in the shops that I'd be able to put together a celeb-inspired outfit with! So on a more achievable level, LLYMLRS is definitely one of my fashion icon for the moment.

4. What, in your eyes, is the biggest fashion faux pas?
Hmmmm this question has really stumped me! From experience with my interviews I know a lot of people hate UGG boots, but I definitely think they serve a purpose in the winter when my feet are cold! I have a bit of a thing with mixing silver with gold jewellery (as in a silver necklace with a gold bracelet....I have a Love Links silver bracelet with gold toned glass beads and this doesn't bother me!) but I guess my big hate is when women just don't make the most of themselves! Rubbish hair is just unacceptable!

5. Do you have one jewelry item you wear 24/7?
At the moment it's my new House of Harlow necklace. I did wear a white gold ring and a silver Tiffany ring that my boyfriend gave me non-stop, but I've started wearing a lot of gold lately and my silver/gold hatred won't let me mix!

6. What’s your signature perfume?
Right now it's Boss Orange. I like to mix it up though and have a huge collection....the other two that I use most would be Armani Code and Amor Amor by Cacharel. I'm saving up for a bottle of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf at the moment though!

7. Which do you prefer, big or small purses?
Do you mean bags or actual purses? My purse is a medium sized on at the moment....I like a separate space for cash and coins and like to have a section for cards as well. On a night out it's got to be a small bag, probably a clutch, but during the day I definitely lean towards the bigger bags. I'm dying the get an Alexa-esque satchel at the moment. Mum calls them my "Panic Bags" cos I'm always having a panic when I can't find my keys in them!

8. Name something fashion-wise you wish you could go back and change. Something “oh-god-why-did-I-wear-that?” worthy.
It would have to be my whole wardrobe during my chav-days. I was a total chav....the big hoops, those hoodies that zip-up the front, pink trainers and god-awful hair stuck to my scalp. I'm not joking. I used mousse, gel AND hairspray on my barnet back in those days. Not to mention the double denim....and not in the fashionable 2010 sense!

9. What’s your #1 beauty must have?
MAC! I couldn't live without their lipsticks and having just discovered their Primer Pots my love for creative eye make up has been reignited. Make up never stayed put on my eyes before this, and now it stays put all day! Moisturiser is another thing though. I suffer from eczema so without decent moisturiser my skin would be an absolute mess.

10. Describe your ideal future.
Ohhhh I hate thinking of the future! I studied law at uni but have had a few setbacks and am yet to pursue it further. I'll be moving out next year though, so in the near future my ideal will be to move in to my first house with the boyf and live happily ever after! (ahhhhh.....)

11. What or what inspired you to start blogging?
Despite his constant moaning about how long I spend looking at blogs, it was actually the boy! No, I suppose he encouraged me rather. My first ever subscription was to the Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog and from there I found the world of fashion blogs as well. The blogging community is amazing. We're always told that girls are bitchy but the girls I've got in contact with through blogging are absolute sweethearts. There's a lovely feeling of support in the community and blogging has definitely given me the hobby that my life was lacking!

12. What are some of your favorite blogs?
LLYMLRS! Without a doubt, her outfits and whole blog are just an inspiration. There are so many others though...Sofia's Journal, YMBB, Pearls and Poodles, Beauty Blog of a Giddy Princess. Lots of lesser known blogs as well....Monica Rambles and beckiangel44

13. Favorite fashion magazines/websites?
Look magazine for high street styles and Grazia for more higher end fashion. I love the Company High Street Edit as well, after reading that my head is always buzzing with ideas and my bank account quickly becomes empty! In terms of websites, I love Topshop, H&M, Zara and, of course, asos.

14. Go ahead and brag – why should people follow your blog?
I'm not very good at bragging! Ummmm because I'm an everyday girl just trying to make her way in the fashion world. Hopefully my posts are real, accessible and enjoyable to read...I really want to be able to engage the reader and love when my audience participates with comments etc. I view my blog as a two-way thing, and it's the feedback I receive that gives me inspiration for my next posts! So if you're looking for a blog with a variety of posts where your comments really make a difference then follow me on my journey to revamp my style and I promise to give you some beauty tips along the way!


Tabitha Bluebell said...

Awww thank you for being my first ever interview!

T x

Beverley said...

aw, this is so cute! i'm definitely going to check out her blog! i love that bloggers are so supportive of each other :)

ARA said...

very nice interview.xx

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