Monday, August 23, 2010

ins & outs: fall 2010


military jackets
 pair it with pinks for a more girly spin on it, and to not look too "hard."

layered jewelry
 from your necklaces to bangles, mix colors, patterns, and textures.

big rings
 bigger is better, right?

bright colors
who says fall has to be neutral-colored everything? make everything bright - from your nails down to your tights!

peep-toe shoes
as long as it's not raining.. who cares?

healthy eating
 why not try something new? [unless you already eat healthy, then props!] it helps your skin clear up, and it just makes you feel good.

this genre of music is pure SEX.


trash talking to/about co-workers
so not worth it if someone has a slip of the mouth. backstabbers are everywhere!

no matter how tall you are, heels flatter everyone. they make your legs look miles long and they help make you stand straighter.
cropped shirts
unless you have perfect abs and a flat tummy, why would you want to expose yours? please keep it under wraps. besides, you get chilly when a draft hits your belly, especially now that fall weather is creeping up on us.

crappy fast food and heavily processed foods
you just feel like poo after you eat them, then you HAVE to poo because that shit is just no good.


Monica said...

being healthy and dubstep is the way forward!

have you heard katy on a mission by katy b? its not just pure dubstep beats but its still bloody amazing.

let me know what you think!
Monica xxxx

Monica said...

p.s. love the floating cat!

A said...

haha thanks! i like the song :}

Choccy-Biccy said...

I love dubstep so much!!! I'm obsessed with it at the moment. x

Jenny said...

Trash-talking is always out ;)

Here is my in/out list for fall:

Best, Jenny

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