Monday, August 16, 2010

i heart shopping

sorry for the terrible photos, i am very upset with my camera [skills] right now. quite a few of them are blurry partly because of the poor lighting in my room at the moment.

anywho! because of the major cloudage today, my friend and i ditched the beach and went to the mall to spend some hard earned money on, duh, clothes! cruised h&m and forever21 mainly.

i love love LOVEEEE this new coach perfume. so flowery and girly and flirty, yet subtle. perfect!


Monica said...

beautiful scarf! my favourite one :)
i love scrunchy effortless scarves

Monica xxx

Krystal said...

i've so been looking for a neutral colored cardigan, that is perfect

A said...

thanks girls :}

krystal - aeropostale! gross, i know, but i got a gift card to that store for my birthday lol

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