Sunday, August 1, 2010

birthday dinner

seeing as my birthday was this past tuesday and my boyfriend's birthday is this upcoming thursday, we decided to do a lobster dinner with the family this weekend. i'd say it was the perfect night.

delicious pineapple cupcakes my best friend made for me, she's quite the cook

a closer look. mmmmm
say hello to my little friend! my mother holding a lobsta
my mom scared the shit out of me putting a lobster right next to my head hahaha
okay i'm good now!
yum yum yum yum yum {i still couldn't tell you why blogger messes up my vertical photos!}


Krystal said...

these pics are so fun1 happy birthday! so many birthdays around the blogs :)

A said...

thank you!

{ Thy Lady } said...

hahah I LOVE your blog! :) Yum cupcakes & lobsters, eeeeek! :{D

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