Sunday, August 15, 2010


i sadly didn't have the time to get any blogging done yesterday so today i will make up for that. i worked at 5:30am therefore i was in absolute need of a two-hour cat nap when i got out. then i spent the night with the family and sulked because my mom was being such a nuisance to me. but the boy was there to calm me down so it ended up being a good night, overall. now, for the 30 day challenge - day 2 and 3!

The meaning behind your tumblr/blogger name
my tumblr name is fuckingrockstar because, well, you can figure that one out yourselves. as for this one, "cup of chaos" ... i really don't remember how i came up with this name. i love mugs as you learned in my last 30 day post, and i wanted the title of my blog to be something like, "cup of" followed by "fashion," "frenzy," "chaos," or something of the sort. i landed on chaos because it begins with a c, just like cup. it kind of just rolled off the tongue for me. kind of boring, but it suits my fancy!
A picture of you and your friends
this one... eek... i kind of have to pass on this. none of them know that i have this blog and probably wouldn't be too fond of me putting their pictures on here to show a bunch of strangers, no offense! sorry my darlings, please understand that i wouldn't want to make any of them uncomfortable.


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