Tuesday, August 17, 2010

autumn 2010 inspirations

some of my favorite tid-bits from h&m and glamour magazine, september 2010
*quite furious that blogger decides to rotate some of my photos... seriously, i apologize for the head tilting if you're viewing this!

spread out on my bed for my entertainment - h&m magazine; glamour magazine

i love mk

i love the easily sexy style from express

can't wait to see this movie

 my new signature scent - LOVE!

love her

and her beauty tips!

i'm making it a goal to always have my nails painted for fall! neon greens and grays are going to be my fall go-to colors

one of my mottos

yes, please!

i vow to try this!

and this.. sigh

well DUH.

sounds good enough for me!

too true...

amen sista

<3 jlo

h&m magazine

*thinking about changing the name of my blog to this ;}



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