Monday, August 16, 2010

day 4

A habit that you wish you didn't have -

wellllll, this is seriously so bizarre. whenever i'm in my house and i happen to walk by a window/door and hear a car coming down the road, i MUST look out the window and look at the color of the car. it doesn't matter what color it is or whatever. there is a window right at the top of the stairs leading to my bedroom and whenever i hear a car about to drive past my house, i have to wait and see it go by before going into my room. i honestly have no idea why i do this. it's not like i know some creeper who lives on my street that stalks me or anything hahah. i really don't know how it started, and it's quite annoying, especially when i go upstairs with the aim to go straight to my room and go to bed. it's quite frustrating when i stand there, not being able to tell if it's actually a car or a fan/air conditioner making the noise.

i'm weird, i know.


Natalie said...

i totally get you. same thing with me! lol

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