Thursday, August 26, 2010

wish list

my car really must be jealous of me spending all my money on clothes because now it's deciding to break! i'm bringing the bastard to the shop tonight to get it looked at. there goes all my shopping for august...

as i sit here pouting, i've created a list of wants needs for autumn!

essie fall collection!
kenneth lane jewelry, snake bracelet
tibi brazilia beading dress
olivia harris new patch tote
thread social silk one shoulder dress
biolage smooththerape shampoo
biolage smooththerape conditioner [shit works wonders!]
FHI technique g2 1" flat iron
random list, i know! i'm out of it right now, i'm positive.


Jesa said...

I love kenneth Jay Jewelry! Nice picks :) Love the beaded dress too!

cheers, Jesa

A said...

me too! some of the collection is on right now so i added it to my unofficial and NEVER ending wish list

hiven said...

lovelovelove that snake bracelet!

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