Monday, August 23, 2010

day 11 = bust!

day 11: another picture of you and your friends - sorry, darlings! that's a no go due to the whole privacy thing. sorry i fail at this challenge, i should have actually looked over it before posting it hehe.

anyways, rant time!
you know what i absolutely LOATHE? rude people! this one lady came into our store today and tried to tell me how to do my job. our prices aren't expensive, but you certainly pay for what you've ordered. the bitch tried telling me i did my math wrong and charged her too much. she even went as far as writing down and the prices and doing the math - hello?! ever heard of tax? and ever think that maybe you might be a little WRONG because you're looking at the wrong size of a drink you ordered? she most certainly was not from around here because if she was, i would have called her out by her name and told her to leave. she was some filthy tourist still left over from the summer trash we get every year. ugh! it certainly didn't make my mood any better.
this crappy weather certainly isn't helping my mood either! rainy, dark, and windy. i honestly just want to lay in bed being lazy and refuse to get off of my laptop for the rest of the night, which is most likely what i'll end up doing :}

but enough about me... anybody else have a case of the mondays?


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