Friday, August 6, 2010

NY daily news can kiss my white ass

michelle obama seems like a cool chick - from her awesomely styled first lady hair to her j crew sandals. the woman's got a sense of fashion. but i seriously disagree that she is a "modern-day marie antoinette" and calling her glitzy and selfish for going on a fucking VACATION to SPAIN is completely ridiculous.

as for the "glizty" comment - it's the 21st century. the woman has style and doesn't dress like this:

and as for her going on a vacation - christ almighty! she lives in the white house surrounded by what i can assume would be chaos and stress to the extreme. so she wants to get out of the country and relax to get away... so fucking what? she most certainly has the money, she's the president's wife for christ's sake. the news doesn't target celebrities for going on expensive vacations when "people need to put their money to good use" like for fucking poor people. bitch, please.


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