Tuesday, August 31, 2010

day nineteen and tmi-tuesday

day 19: what are your nicknames and why do you have them?
my basic nickname for anyone and everyone is "aim." take the ee's out of my name and there you have it - a quick way to get my attention. the boy splendidly refers to me as sweetheart, babe, darling, and the like. my daddy calls me "rama," which is a nickname of a previous nickname he still sometimes calls me, "ramalama." i can't remember why he started that. oh, he and my uncle sometimes call me "aimily" because... just because. i also go by moron, bitch, cunt. ya know. whatever floats your boat, i guess.
i almost forgot to post my challenge today, because quite honestly i already thought that i'd posted something on here today... i guess i was thinking of yesterday. i'm losing it! 20 years old and i'm losing it.

peace and love, dolls... peace and motherfucking love.


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