Sunday, August 22, 2010

small update/day ten

first, let's get day ten of the 30 day challenge out of the way...

day 10: songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, excited, mad, etc -
my happy go lucky songs consist of oldies music, indie rock/pop: james taylor, the eagles, the cars, train, sublime, skillet, colbie caillat, jason mraz, steve miller band, dave matthew's band... yaaaa know.
my sad songs consist of "our-generation-oldies," and people who just have mellow music or sing about love gone wrong kind of shit: 3 doors down, eric clapton, james taylor, britney spears, backstreet boys, kelly clarkson.
my excited music is generally based on anything pop/electronica/upbeat/rap such as: deadmau5, datsik, ke$ha, lady gaga, nicki minaj, lil wayne, outkast, rihanna, usher, black eyed peas, 3oh!3, LMFAO, the veronicas, new boyz.
my mad/angry music is usually always rap/hardcore: eminem, skindred, lil wayne, 50cent, three 6 mafia, pink, nirvana, nine inch nails.

aaanyways, update time!
- my mother and i have decided to go on a diet/healthy eating spree and exercising together [aka walking up and down the street]
- because shoes are my soft spot of fashion, i quite obviously raided the shoe department at marshall's this weekend and found a fabulous pair of heels! i'll take pictures once i stop being lazy.
- my car is broke :{ not only do i have to dish out $50 for an oil change/inspection, but i have to save up at least $500 because my check engine light came on and something is wrong with it, but i couldn't tell you what because none of that car lingo ever makes sense to me. hmph! send me money?



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