Friday, August 13, 2010

day 1

a recent photo -
my friend from california took this photo of me while staying at my house for a week in july.

15 [so called] interesting facts -

1. when i'm older, i plan on having a gorgeous walk-in closet displaying my lovely attire and shoes.

2. i wish i had an apartment already so i could decorate! i want to so badly.

3. i work at a coffee shop infested by many old people... i know how most of them like their coffee by heart.

4. i'm really picky about clothing, and everything in general. it took me 10+ stores to find the perfect prom dress. i can't even imagine how terrible i'm going to be searching for a wedding dress when that time arrives.

5. i have a sincere love of rap. any music that makes my car shake and clears my thoughts make me terribly happy. i also love r&b, rock, indie, techno, pop, slow jams, all that good stuff.

6. i love love looove getting dressed up, for anything. christmas, parties, even going out shopping.

7. i want to live in new york city for at least a year. london as well.

8. i have major anxiety issues that have slowly faded since last year, thanks to what i call my "crazy meds" [anti-depressants] that i was prescribed last october. but in all honesty, i have never been so happy or care free in my entire life and it is so liberating i could just cry. i'm thrilled all of my hard work has payed off. it's absolutely amazing and i now have an excellent outlook on life that i've never experienced before. i could go on about how great i feel forever! but i won't, because i'll end up writing a book.

9. speaking of, i go to college and major in communication arts, though i do want to minor in english because i love writing. i do hope to write a book one day. i've tried but i always become bored with the story and never finish.

10. in the cold winter of new england, nothing beats a cup of tea/coffee/hot cocoa and cuddling up under the covers and watching movies. i secretly love the winter for that reason, but you didn't hear it from me!

11. i wish i could tell people about my blog, but i feel as though they'd think i was completely weird for having such a thing and for some of the things i say on here haha. this is kind of just my place to vent and become inspired and just write down a bunch of bullshit i don't feel like talking about in real life.

12. i have a limited amount of friends that i like seeing in my town. i've realized the people i went to high school with are just complete morons and i've lost touch with most of them. most of the friends i have now are from college who i can honestly say i love and will be close to them forever.

13. i worship the ground of whomever created trojan brand condoms. holy hell!

14. simplicity is definitely my thing.

15. i collect mugs! i have a slight obsession with them. i already have a box packed up for when i leave home. i can't wait to put them in a cupboard in a kitchen i can call my own!


Choccy-Biccy said...

Yayy!! I agree with number 11, the only person who knows about my blog is my best friend and I would only let her see it on the circumstance that she would make one and promise to use it first. Hahaha. I enjoyed reading these! They're interesting :) xxxx

Monica said...

love the random bits about you! I also want a walkin closet :) ahh will be so pretty. and i always find dressing up sometimes the best bit. and i'm definitely picky with clothes!

Monica <3

Krystal said...

i like this 30 day challenge thing! and, i think working at a coffee shop with old people sounds delightful - i think they are cute :) haha - interesting fact about ME!

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